Linkedinfluence – The Ultimate Linkedin Training Course

Linkedinfluence – The Ultimate Linkedin Training Course

Linkedin Is The Most Powerful Social Network For Business. This Linkedin Social Media Training Will Help Generate More Leads, Traffic, Sales For Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, Career Seekers. Best Social Media, Linkedin Course.


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Productivity Tools Are Important For Your Success

The proper selection and use of productivity tools can truly ramp up your operations.  As with most important tasks, it pays to be sure that you are using the most efficient tools for the job. This is especially true when it comes to making sure that your office operations are effective and efficient.

It all starts with a careful review of available productivity tools that can improve the efficiency of your most laborious tasks.  The best way to do that is by taking a few moments to review what tools are available to you.

The right tools for the right job makes all the difference.  If you will just approach this topic in a serious manner, your ability to communicate effectively with your staff and associates will increase significantly.

We suggest that if you wish to gain tremendous insight into the possibilities, take a close look at Gary Fox’s business blog.  I happened to run across it recently and was quite impressed with the wealth of information that it contains. Gary clearly understands and appreciates the power of collaboration in business.

You can link over to Gary’s blog via this link.

Collaboration – A Shortcut Approach To Becoming An Entrepreneur

ShortcutAAre You Interested In Making A Lot Of Progress Quickly?

NOTE:  You can subscribe to our Collaborators Group below, but first please take a moment to read the following information.

The road you may be traveling right now in your quest to become an entrepreneur is likely sprinkled with many types of obstacles.  If you are still eager to continue on your journey to entrepreneurship, here is some very important news for you.

There are a number of very safe, proven and enjoyable  shortcuts that can accelerate your progress.  This post will introduce you to some basic ideas on how to use several valuable collaboration techniques to speed your revenue generating efforts. Continue reading Collaboration – A Shortcut Approach To Becoming An Entrepreneur

Why Can’t I Become Successful Just By Doing Exactly What You Did?

FailingFrustrationA“I Followed Your Instructions, But They Didn’t Work For Me!”

For a number of years, I heard that statement over and over again.  And strangely enough, most of the times I heard it, I was the person asking the question.  I have to admit that I was very slow to realize a few clearly obvious truths that blocked my initial progress into entrepreneurship.

It was my plan to just watch and learn what things successful people did and follow their examples.  The idea seemed very logical to me, so why did it not work in the way that I had planned?  Well, it didn’t work because there was a flaw in what I was doing and also in what I was expecting.  I found myself constantly being frustrated by the results or by what I believed I was to do along the way. Continue reading Why Can’t I Become Successful Just By Doing Exactly What You Did?

SDK Collaboration FAQ/Sign Up Form

CollaborationAWhat is the SDK Collaborator Group?

It is a special SDK membership composed of readers and subscribers of the SDK Consulting Group business blog. This membership has been created to assist one of our private clients to “beta-test” special software that we believe will greatly accelerate the progress of entrepreneurs and business professionals. This software is designed to perform the following tasks for members of this group: Continue reading SDK Collaboration FAQ/Sign Up Form

Do You See That Opportunity? Would You Like To Own It?

SailboatAHe Asked Me, “Would You Like To Own A Beautiful Sailboat Like That?”

All of the colors were so bright and vivid!

And, at that same moment, I felt a sudden rush of excitement and a flood of wonderful expectations as I stared over the Pacific Ocean for the first time.  It  has never been forgotten.

The massiveness of the ocean was certainly part of this overwhelming experience, but the other part was knowing that I was sharing this experience with the man who had offered to become  my mentor.  He had suggested that I accompany him to one of his favorite spots along the beach so we could discuss some things. Continue reading Do You See That Opportunity? Would You Like To Own It?

The Next Big Business Idea is Inside Your Mind Waiting to Come Out


 We all want to earn as much wealth and acclaim as possible. Becoming the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Warren Buffett seems to be a common theme among up-and-coming business types.
The problem most entrepreneurs face is in conceiving of their idea. Trying to emulate those who have done well is good but only to a degree. We must always strive for originality when conceiving of a business plan. Continue reading The Next Big Business Idea is Inside Your Mind Waiting to Come Out

The Importance of Mobile Web Apps


You need not look very close to see the effects of the internet on global commerce.  Reaching people over the web is a key to doing business in a modern economy.  However, the way by which these patrons are reached is changing drastically — as more people purchase mobile devices.  Websites are still crucial to having online success, but they reach their full potential when paired with web apps. Continue reading The Importance of Mobile Web Apps

Maximized ROI: Segmenting the Product Life Cycle

Million Dollar IdeaAOH MY YES! You have just thought of a million dollar idea!

If only the process of making a million dollars were that easy.

People think up million dollar ideas all the time, and most of those people do absolutely nothing about them. Yet, many of these people do try to bring their million dollar ideas to fruition, but still fail also.

What does that mean for you? It means that there are a lot of opportunities that are just waiting on you. Continue reading Maximized ROI: Segmenting the Product Life Cycle

Moving From Introvert to Successful Marketer Without Cold Calling Or Small Talk


You reach for the phone, dial the number and hang up after the first ring. Your script is ready, but actually reading it over the phone is enough to make you quit before you even begin. You are talented, you have a great product or service, but how can you grow your business, attract more clients and increase your income if you’re uncomfortable with the small talk and cold calling?

You can succeed as a marketer even if you dread cold calling, face-to-face conversations or even making small talk with potential customers.  There is a secret technique that successful marketers know and use in every successful sale effort. Continue reading Moving From Introvert to Successful Marketer Without Cold Calling Or Small Talk

Have You Ever Asked Yourself, “Do I Have An Entrepreneur’s Personality?”

What Exactly Is An Entrepreneur’s Personality?  What Would I Have To Do To Get One?

twofacedmanA twofacedwomanAAs a young struggling entrepreneur, those were questions that certainly popped into my head many times early in my career.

But, because of the open generosity  and sharing nature of my mentor, I was able to discover my own personal answers to those questions.

The answers that I discovered were quite helpful to me and I believe that they will be useful to you.  Many of my associates have told me that there is very serious value in my thoughts regarding these questions.  Therefore, I freely offer my thoughts on the subject to you. Continue reading Have You Ever Asked Yourself, “Do I Have An Entrepreneur’s Personality?”

Tracking Daily Cash Flow Is Critical To Your Success

CashFlowDiagramAWhen your OUTGO exceeds your INCOME, then your UPKEEP will lead to your DOWNFALL!

That’s an old saying, to be sure, but one that bears repeating throughout one’s life as well as the life of your business. The life blood of every business is its “cash flow”. If your cash flow is not adequate, your business cannot succeed. Therefore, it stands to reason that part of your responsibility as an entrepreneur is to understand how to properly manage your cash flow. Continue reading Tracking Daily Cash Flow Is Critical To Your Success