Personal And Financial Independence – What Does It All Mean?

PeaceOfMindAWhat Will It Take For You To Have  More Peace Of Mind?

Everybody has their personal definition of what these terms mean, but to maximize the progress that can be made when working as a group or as a team, the words used and the goals expressed should be very well-defined.  So, here is a rather long definition of what we mean when we describe personal and financial independence. Continue reading Personal And Financial Independence – What Does It All Mean?

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What Would You Rather Do? Barter or Negotiate?

BarteringAIf You Could Have Your Choice, Would You Prefer Bartering Or Negotiating?

Having discussed this question with many entrepreneurs of which some were successful and others still struggling, I was constantly amazed at the various reasons given for their responses to this question.  In hindsight, I suppose it always comes down to an individual’s viewpoint and their perception of a situation.  It just might be that the answer that you choose IS the right answer for you. Continue reading What Would You Rather Do? Barter or Negotiate?

“Instant Entrepreneur” – How To Amass More Wealth In Any Economy

 entrepreneurshipAHow To Amass More Wealth In Any Economy

This is a special report that we hope will be very useful, enlightening and valuable in your efforts to become an entrepreneur or to expand your current business efforts.

There is no cost associated with your receiving this report.  Not only are we freely sharing this report with you, we are inviting you to also learn more from our blog.  We will  keep you aware of special opportunities that we will share with you.

The “bottom line” to our blog,  reports and strategies is to share some extremely useful facts that will help you to become an “Instant Entrepreneur”.  Please read and consider the following facts.

FACT #1: In every economy, there are thousands and thousands of businesses that are failing or nearly failing.  We describe these businesses as being “distressed”.  Some of these businesses are large enterprises and others are quite small.  These business can be both public and private.  Depending upon your personal and financial situation, your interest in the business will range from complete “takeover” to acquisition of certain assets from the business.  There is a large range of possibilities with pros and cons associated with each of them.  The importance of this is that there are opportunities.

FACT #2: Many of these businesses can be saved, if they are exposed to the proper strategy.  But, regardless of their owners’ best efforts, a great many of them will still fail.  In order for you to substantially increase your net worth, you only need to become involved in just a few of these type businesses.  There is much more opportunity available to you than you will need.  You don’t have to be limited in any manner, as there are always so many “failing” businesses that you can always locate the best business situation for you.

FACT #3: Regardless of your background, business experience, cash position or business associations – there are always “distressed” businesses that you can acquire and “turn around” if you use the proper strategy for your current personal/business  situation.

FACT #4: With each “distressed” business, there are two critical pieces of information that you will need to gather.  First, you will need to clearly understand what the current owner wants and needs to release ownership of the business and/or some of its assets (such copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc.) Secondly, you will want to know what will then be required in order for the business to be saved or “turned around”.  If you can’t handle both of those requirements, that business is NOT for you.  But, there are so many to choose from, it all comes down to techniques and strategies.

FACT #5: Our strategies will enable you to become the “owner” of proprietary products that are protected by copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc. such that you will be able to  capitalize on all of the work that the previous owner has accomplished, but also be able to avoid all of the mistakes from the past.  As the new “owner”, you will have the choice of continuing to operate or manage the resulting business or arrange for others to handle the day-to-day activities for you.  After all, at that point – you will be in charge!

FACT #6: By working closely with us, you will be shown ways to surround yourself with only the type of opportunities that fit your personality, financial needs, background and experience.  And you will also learn to surround yourself with business associates whose business skills, knowledge and goals can assist you in many ways.

My name is Sherman Hunter.  I am the founder and director of the SDK Hunter Consulting Group.  I designed this program as my way of sharing many of the strategies that I have used and observed during my many years as an entrepreneur.

My “Instant Entrepreneur” strategy will provide you with details covering very safe, practical and time-tested ways to acquire exclusive control of various proprietary products that have tremendous revenue generating potential.  This strategy does not require you to “guess” about any aspect of the process.  This strategy includes ways to accomplish all of this with and without direct investment as most people would expect.

There is no “trickery” or misrepresentations of any kind.  Everything that you will be shown is legal, ethical and will function in any type of economy.

The techniques, procedures and methods used within our strategy are very precise and are applied to a very well-defined niche.  All of the key guidelines that control these strategies are explained in detail to members of our SDK Collaborator Group.  It is important that these key details be applied as part of our collaborator program because you will be shown how to “personalize” these strategies so that they will  fit your precise needs and goals.  We consider you to now be an integral part of our SDK Collaborator Group because you are a member of our “Instant Entrepreneur” program.

The amount of “work” involved in the process can and does vary based upon what exactly you are attempting to do, but that is as it should be.  No reasonable-minded person should seriously expect to receive something of extreme value without giving something else of value in return.  However, as this strategy will show you – there are many ways to accumulate value in various forms, not just as cash.

In addition, you will be shown how to surround yourself with professional associates who can assist you to accomplish much more than you could ever do by yourself alone.  This is a complete strategy and through this special report, you will be able to learn all about it.

This report is really just the first step in the process.  But, because you now have this report, all of the other steps will also be explained to you.  For now, all that is required of you is to read our information, ask questions if and when you need to do so and the entire program will unfold before you.

You can continue to receive our free materials for as long as you wish or you can unsubscribe at any time.

Your email information will NOT be shared with anyone either directly or indirectly.  Our goal is simply to meet and interface with individuals who see usefulness and value within our strategies.

We look forward to sharing our most powerful strategies with you.



Using What You Have – To Get What You Want

ExperienceSkillsPerformanceADoes it really take “MONEY” to make money?

Most people believe that statement to be true.  Without any question, there are many instances when that statement is applicable, but not always.  So, let’s consider how you can make very meaningful progress, even when you don’t have as much money as you would like. Continue reading Using What You Have – To Get What You Want

Given Three Wishes – What Would You Wish For?

aladdinslampAOne Of The Greatest Joys Of Childhood Is Being Able To Freely Dream!

If you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for?

Have you ever thought about how your life would have  been changed if you really could have received any three wishes?

We all begin our lives with the “gift of dreaming” and enjoy it for quite a number of years, but eventually our precious dreams begin to conflict with what we are bluntly told is “reality”.  How sad it was to suddenly have limits placed all around us and all of our dreams.

Fortunately, dreams never really leave us.  Oh yes, in many of us, they do become suppressed, ignored and in some cases forgotten.  But, they are still with us.  Sometimes, they may have been hidden away by the clutter of reality and they cannot be clearly seen as they once were in times past.  But, they are still there.  They never leave us because they are still an important part of us.  Your dreams are what makes you who you really are – deep down inside of you.

As consultants, we know this all to be true.  Through our clients, we see their dreams constantly being awakened and then beginning to “stir around” in the minds and hearts of those who first dreamed them many years ago.

The proof that dreams never leave us can be witnessed in so many ways.  Not only do dreams never leave us, dreams never really die.  Oftentimes they reappear to others in slightly different forms, but most often they are simply passed from one person to another then to another.

Entrepreneurs most certainly are dreamers.  But so are inventors, scientists, engineers, researchers, teachers and perhaps any group of individuals you can name.  Dreaming is part of the human experience. To us as consultants, entrepreneurs are especially valuable because their dreams often become “personal”.  They believe in their dreams enough to take action to make them come true.  True entrepreneurs don’t stop at the dream, they take action.

Having a dream is important and valuable, but it will only become “more than a dream” when it reaches the mind of an entrepreneur.

This article was written by SDK Hunter Consulting Group

About The Author:

Sherman Hunter and SDK Hunter Consulting Group staff consultants provide global moneymaking opportunities and proprietary strategies that quickly accelerate business activity. You may familiarize yourself with these unique concepts by visiting the SDK Hunter Consulting Group blog located at:

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How To Select A Consultant Who Is Well Suited For Your Needs

DiscussionAConsultants, Just Like Entrepreneurs Come In All Sizes, Shapes And Flavors

When choosing a consultant, there are many factors to consider, however all of them should point to a simple reality.  That is, the consultant should focus his efforts and yours on solutions that will enable you to reach your goals without jeopardizing or negatively affecting those successes that you have already achieved. Continue reading How To Select A Consultant Who Is Well Suited For Your Needs

Pending Business Failure Warnings Checklist

TitanicSinkingABusinesses  Often Fail Suddenly – Seemingly Without Warnings!

Owners of these businesses don’t always see the end coming.  Oftentimes, they are totally unaware of what is about to happen – until it is too late to correct their problem(s).

Our staff has listed our most common indicators that should have warned owners that they were heading toward a business failure.  Those owners who did not heed our advice all had their reasons for not doing so.  Yet by reviewing these indicators, we believe that you will have an excellent opportunity to avoid repeating their mistakes.

Hopefully, you will use these indicators as a checklist of reminders to make sure that the survival of your business is as secure as possible.  And although there are a lot of indicators shown here, we don’t consider that this list is complete.  So, if you can think of additional problem areas that we should add, please leave us a comment.



NOTE: These warning indicators are listed in no particular order.

  • Being Overwhelmed By Competition
  • Business Model Is Not “In Sync” With Available Resources
  • Business Situated In Wrong Location
  • Business Strategy Does Not Change With Market Conditions
  • Cash Flow Issues – Can Easily Run Out Of Money
  • Consistently Slow And Low Volume Sales Activity
  • Constant Infighting Among Staff
  • Failure To Measure And Monitor Marketing Efforts And Results
  • Failure To Track Business Objectives – “Seat of Pants” Decisions
  • Inadequate Inventory Management
  • Inadequate Management Of Accounts Receivables
  • Inappropriate Use Of Company Funds
  • Internal Strife – Employees Upset And Unresolved Issues
  • Key Personnel Have Leadership Issues – Personality Issues
  • Key Personnel Showing Signs of “Burnout”
  • Lack Of Experience For Critical Tasks At Hand
  • Lack Of Proper Business Planning
  • No Business Identity Of Their Own – Does Not Appear Unique
  • Not Displaying The Value Of Products – Improper Marketing
  • Out Of Touch With Customer Needs
  • Owners Are Much Too Confident – No Longer “Teachable”
  • Poor Goal Setting Or Poor Implementation Of Plan
  • Poor People Management Skills
  • No Backup In Place For Key Personnel
  • Purpose Of The Business Is Unclear Or Not Clearly Defined
  • Rapid Growth Comes Unexpectedly – Not Prepared To Handle
  • The Business Depends Too Much On Just A Few Customers
  • Thievery Of Company Products And/Or Equipment
  • Too Much Money Being Spent On Fixed Assets
  • Trying To “Buck The Trends” – Fighting Uphill Too Much
  • Under Funded
  • Using an Inadequate Marketing Message
  • Using a Poorly Designed Pricing Model
  • Very Poor Credit Management
  • Weak Marketing Programs Being Used – Not Being Competitive

This article was written by SDK Hunter Consulting Group

About The Author:

Sherman Hunter and SDK Hunter Consulting Group staff consultants provide global moneymaking opportunities and proprietary strategies that quickly accelerate business activity. You may familiarize yourself with these unique concepts by visiting the SDK Hunter Consulting Group blog located at:

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What Is Your Definition Of Personal And Financial Independence?

HappyCollaborationsAHave You Joined Our SDK Collaborator Group Yet?

To you as someone who has already or who might become interested in joining our SDK Collaborator Group, we offer some important insight into how we think about personal and financial independence.  We do this, not so much as to attempt to convince you that our view is the only proper one, but just to help all of us to be able to share certain common goals that will be necessary in our collaborations.  As we reveal special revenue generation techniques to our group, it will be important we are all focusing on the same things in the same way.

If you have not joined our Collaborator group, here is how to do so:

In order to learn these our special techniques, (1)  Go to our “HOME page”  and be sure to subscribe to this blog.  Next, (2) Join our SDK Collaborator Group by reviewing our “Services” tab and reading our FAQ post on this subject.  The FAQ post can be found under the “Opportunities” tab on our “HOME” page.  And (3) Apply the strategies discussed in our Special Collaboration reports that will be sent out to all of the active “Beta Testers” who are participating with our private client as outlined in our FAQ post.

What does it really mean to have personal and financial independence?   The answer usually depends upon the person to whom you ask the question.  Everybody has their own ideas of what those words really mean to them.

Here are characteristics that we are placing value upon as they each relate to our use of the terms inside of  the SDK Collaborator Group.

  • Income whether you work or not
    This means that income comes to you whether you are directly involved in the work or not. An example, of this would be if you had residual income from investments or royalties from a business you owned. You would have income due to you even if you were to go on extended vacations without notice.
  • Adequate capital for the deals of your choice
    Being able to successfully acquire and exploit any business deal that you choose and not to be limited by funds, is the idea here. Of course, you have the choice always of what deals to choose, but it is clearly a good situation if you had a lot of freedom in your decision making.
  • Ownership or control of valuable money-producing properties
    Most people think of real estate when they hear the word property. For us, the idea is to own other kinds of properties as well. For example, owning copyrights, patents, trademarks, chemical formulae, etc. are just as profitable, valuable and important as real estate.
  • Mostly free time (at least 80%)
    Free time in this definition means (uncommitted time). That is, your schedule should be extremely flexible, so that you can do as you please, whenever you please and for as long as you please. That is our definition of free time.
  • Legal & Ethical Functions in society
    You must be useful, legal, ethical and of value to your family, community and country such that you can establish a proper legacy in which those around you can be proud and thankful for your contributions to society.
  • Be debt free
    In many ways, the world seems to run on credit and debt. However, as useful as it is to borrow at times, there is a dark side to the process. If by doing so, your independence and personal freedom is placed in jeopardy, then it is not good. Your personal and financial independence will be much more secure if you eliminate debt and then avoid it altogether as much as you can.
  • Proper health care for yourself and your loved ones
    Concern for one’s health or the health of loved ones will certainly cause you to have a difficult time focusing upon other matters. Such concerns will naturally generate anxiety and worry.
  • Financial security for your loved ones
    Most people who are striving for financial independence will readily admit that their success would not mean nearly as much if it could not be enjoyed by those who are close to them. There is a reason why one strives for the luxury of being able to care for those that they love and care for. So, securing the well being of your loved ones is a natural goal to have.
  • Have capable associates willing to assist you
    Even the most capable of business people cannot function entirely by themselves. You will make much more progress when you have people around you that you can trust and who can trust you to assist them regarding business projects or to just provide advice and counsel.
  • Lots of continual opportunities
    You will never have too many opportunities around you. It is because of opportunities that your business and money-making efforts will produce profits. The more opportunities that you are constantly exposed to the greater will be your choices and your rate of progress.
  • Have business activities that you enjoy
    When you are involved with activities that you enjoy, you can better maintain a positive attitude and enjoy whatever you are doing. Your emotions are much more stable when you are having fun and enjoying your surroundings.
  • No employee issues or other concerns
    The manner in which your business and financial affairs are handled will have a strong influence on how stable and reliable your business functions. So, part of this process is to avoid employee concerns and issues.  We will provide you with the necessary guidelines to handle this properly. It should be understood that your goal should always be to reduce or eliminate worry and anxiety at all times.
  • Business tools that leverage your efforts and time
    Technology can and should be your “friend”. You should surround yourself with the most beneficial business tools that you can, so that all of what you are doing can be done faster, more efficient and with all of the important safeguards that you should want to have at your disposal.
  • No restriction on “cherry picking” a new opportunity whenever you wish
    There should not be limits of any kind that could prevent you from expanding your profits in any way that you want and at any time you choose.

NOTE:  Our blog provides useful guidance, suggestions and information regarding entrepreneurial activities, small business consultations and business strategies.  However, we only provide specific instructions coupled with one-on-one consultations regarding our strategies to our private clients or to members of our SDK Collaborator Group (because the sensitive proprietary details involved with many of our revenue generating projects)

This article was written by SDK Hunter Consulting Group

About The Author:

Sherman Hunter and SDK Hunter Consulting Group staff consultants provide global moneymaking opportunities and proprietary strategies that quickly accelerate business activity. You may familiarize yourself with these unique concepts by visiting the SDK Hunter Consulting Group blog located at:

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