Five questions every female entrepreneur should ask

And with the cost of starting a business at an all-time low, women are saying “no thank you” to spending years climbing and clawing their way up the corporate ladder, dealing with corporate politics, and working long days without feeling the overall … #startingabusiness

Back from bankruptcy and how to avoid it

Even though only 4-6% of bankruptcies are fraudulent, public opinion often associates business failure with fraud. A high number of business facing liquidation can be saved.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking Startup Capital

I’m a huge fan of bootstrapping, and it can be a viable option if you are extremely cautious when it comes to expenses, if you have a little seed money and if your business concept will generate cash flow early. If bootstrapping isn’t a good fit, then … #bootstrappingbusiness

The Benefits of Buying a Business vs

Starting Your Own Company One of the most serious career choices you can make is whether you will be on the clock for someone else or work for yourself. But don’t be fooled: working for yourself doesn’t always mean starting up a new company. #startingabusiness

Why preparation is key ingredient in business success

There are several causes of business failure but when all are analysed, they come to one main thing – lack of preparation. The fear of failure which holds many people back is greatly reduced by good planning and having a mentor or someone to hold your … #businessfailure

How Best To Prepare For Negotiations – If You Intend To Win

Preparation Is Critical To Winning Your Negotiations Negotiation is among the most dreaded tasks carried out by entrepreneurs at almost all levels. However, similar to public speaking as well as performance reviews, appropriate preparation can provide you with a strong probability of success. Negotiating is an entrepreneur’s most crucial skill. Before one buys or sells …