Don’t Focus On Just Succeeding, Focus Instead On Solving A Problem

To Make Your Business  Prosper, What Should You Focus Upon Doing? When you chose to focus upon becoming an entrepreneur, were you thinking mainly about the freedom you would have from a “restricted” working environment or perhaps thinking of the opportunity to generate an income worthy of your talents?  Either way, those two possibilities are […]

How Does It Feel To Be Fired?

Getting Fired Always Brings A Wave Of Emotions! Have you ever been fired?  If so, do you remember how it felt? Most likely there were a rush of emotions literally all at the same time!  There was likely fear, anger, embarrassment, nervousness, disappointment, guilt, uncertainty, etc.  In some cases, there could also be relief, excitement, […]

Are You The Missing Piece To A Profitable Business? (Part 4 of 5)

There are “thinkers” and “doers” in almost every situation. Which one are you really? In Part 3 of this mini-series, we mentioned that being a “catalyst” is similar to being a “matchmaker”.  To understand our next category, we really need to expand the definition of “catalyst” first.  You see, there are actually two components for […]

Are You The Missing Piece To A Profitable Business? (Part 2 of 5)

Are You Constantly Thinking Of New Ways To Do Things?  If so, perhaps you could be thought of as an “innovator”. The world has always needed and will always need “innovators”.  Nothing that is ever accomplished can be accomplished without “innovators”.  So if this term describes you, you are in an “elite” category.

How To Build Goodwill Among Your Associates

Never Ever Miss An Opportunity To Build More Goodwill! As It Can Oftentimes Mean The Difference Between Success And Failure! There are several ways to define what is typically referred to as “goodwill” when describing the values associated with a business. Our way of focusing upon it is rather straightforward and simple.  If you are […]