Define Yourself – Are You A “Starter”, A “Finisher” Or Somewhere In Between?

StarterAShould I Start And If I Do, Can I Finish?

This should be a rather easy question to answer for most of us.  However, in our consultations, we have learned that most people really fit best in just one of these categories much more than they do in the other two – especially if they are describing their roles within business situations.

Entrepreneurs will often find themselves faced with business responsibilities ranging from starting a business to selling one.  The fortunate reality about this is that no matter which category is best for you, there is tremendous potential available if you organize your efforts properly.

Our SDK Collaborator Group makes it easy for you to maximize the benefits to be gained from your talents.  If you consider yourself talented in business planning, operations, support management, or even business acquisitions or takeovers – our strategies have been designed to provide you with opportunities where your skills can be applied to proprietary situations where you can be in control.

So, whenever there seems to be a pattern of repeated failures, difficulties and generally repeated frustrations regarding an entrepreneur’s progress – we will often ask them to define themselves in one of these categories.

If you are best described as  a “starter”, that would imply that you are best equipped in talent and personality to handle the tasks associated with organizing and managing business startups.

Our subscribers who are also members of our SDK Collaborator Group quickly learn that it is useful for all concerned to recognize those members who are keenly interested in and qualified to handle startup situations.

Those members benefit themselves and others by providing needed startup services.  Most of our subscribers, as they become familiar with our core strategies, find that they are not able to handle all of the new business ideas or opportunities that they are being shown how to discover.  Therefore, they are pleased to know that there are other subscribers within our SDK Collaborator Group who can assist them and even become their joint venture partners, etc.

Similarly, once a business is up and beginning to enter its “growth” phase, it requires a completely different set of skills and talents.  The frequency of critical decisions begin to increase and everything about the business becomes much more complex.

If you find that you enjoy that type of environment or perhaps you “thrive” when placed in situations of that kind – then you could be classified as a “finisher”.  To us, “finisher” doesn’t necessarily mean that  you are about to close the business, but that you have the mindset and the determination to “finish” what has been started and to see it through to a proper and successful conclusion.

Now if, for whatever reasons, you consider yourself to not be a “starter” nor a “finisher”, you can rest easy because most people are “somewhere in between”.  In fact, that is a very critical category because nothing ever is really done without the assistance of people who are “in the middle” of the action.

Most employees, regardless of their title, could be classified as being “in the middle” because they are usually not the founder of the company where they work and they are not the person who is ultimately “in charge” of the company.  So, we have to consider that they are “in the middle”.  This means that they are provided definite duties to perform that are needed and necessary to help the company to succeed.

Within our SDK Collaborator Group, all three categories are active because our members are shown opportunities that allow them to start their own business, acquire active businesses, manage  active businesses or takeover businesses, etc.  The beauty of those options is that our strategies have been designed to assist each member to locate individuals and companies that can provide whatever they might need in order to succeed.

Whatever your business skills and talents might be, there is a definite opportunity for you to use them to own and control your own business efforts or to acquire an ongoing business, assist others plus build relationships with entrepreneurs who can assist you with your personal business needs.

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12 replies on “Define Yourself – Are You A “Starter”, A “Finisher” Or Somewhere In Between?”

  1. I am in between.I like to start on different projects and I am so excited about it, but when I run into something I am confused about or don’t understand, that is when I need some help. Someone to hold my hand and walk me through the process. But that being said, I am a finisher as well. I like to finish whatever I started so I can feel I learned and accomplished something by finishing it. Very good article.

    1. Jennifer, you are expressing a common occurrence shared by many entrepreneurs. Your experience is very normal. The key is to continue to press yourself to finish what you start and things tend to work out. We wish you continued good luck in your efforts.

  2. I can understand the starter and middle one. But for finisher, can’t we say that the starter will ultimately become the finisher one day. Because, if starter realizes the potential benefit, he will try to reap the rewards out of the efforts he applied during startup phase.

    1. We understand your point, Jessica. The idea of the article is that most people fall into a definite pattern of action. Certainly, if one starts a project and continue with it, they will at some point finish it. So, at different times, they would be defined differently. However, if you were to start a number of projects, would you finish more than you didn’t? The answer will tell you a lot.

  3. Starter here. I definitely benefit from adding people to my team or interacting with people who can keep me moving toward the goal.

  4. I am most definitely a starter, having created many business opportunities, I often leave them to smoulder after an initial outburst of energy, which gets them going. I wish that I could be more of a finisher although I do relish the opportunity to do longer tasks.

    1. Wesley, it is fortunate for you that you understand where your strengths are. The proper way to accelerate your progress is to use our strategy to sustain your projects by leveraging and collaborations. With your skills and talents at starting projects, there is a tremendous potential for success as you make use of our strategies.

  5. Too bad i’m not a starter, nor a finisher lol. Is there a business that have minimum risks in there? If there is, then yeah let me into it. The stock can get absurd sometimes. So probably not through buying shares. But i’m sure there are other ways of investing.

    1. Well sure, there are many ways of investing resources to make gains, and the resources used do not have to be monetary. Unfortunately, the world focuses mostly upon the exchange of money as the chosen approach. As a result, very few people are prepared to think along other other directions.

  6. I often get excited easily about new ventures, changes or anything out of routine. But once I get into it, it takes a lot of motivation and extra push for me to complete what I started. So based on that I am probably a ‘starter’ than a ‘finisher’. But of course, it will be great if I could finish every task that I set off to do. As the popular saying goes, ‘its not how you start but how you finish that matters’.

    1. You certainly do have a point. One of the reasons for this article is to highlight the fact that many people have grown accustomed to “quick fixes”. In our view, recent technology has caused people to “react” to marketing efforts rather than to “think”. In many ways, marketing reviews seem to suggest that “HYPE trumps everything”. And as a consequence, people have become somewhat addicted to “hype” and if they don’t see it or hear it, they are quick to “click” to find it elsewhere. So, most people are starters, unfortunately.

      Oddly enough, we believe that it is good to be a starter. But, it serves little purpose if you are not finishing most of what you start. We feel that you can assure yourself success by learning how to properly decide “what” to start and “when” to start and “why” you should start. When this approach is used, your “starts” are very likely to mostly also be “finishs”.

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