Don’t Focus On Just Succeeding, Focus Instead On Solving A Problem

ProblemSignATo Make Your Business  Prosper, What Should You Focus Upon Doing?

When you chose to focus upon becoming an entrepreneur, were you thinking mainly about the freedom you would have from a “restricted” working environment or perhaps thinking of the opportunity to generate an income worthy of your talents?  Either way, those two possibilities are nice starting points.

However, to make the most impact with your efforts, your business should reflect your thoughts and efforts to solve a problem that is of interest to a large audience of people (especially your potential clients and customers).  You see, your business success becomes more certain the closer your business can be associated with a solution that is common to a large number of people.

So, it is very important that you focus upon solving a problem at some point in your business efforts and make certain that you succeed in the process.  Of course, if you think about this carefully, isn’t it rather logical that people want to have problems solved for them?  If you can develop strategies and a practical way of distributing these “problem solving products, services or information”, you have made a major move in the direction of tremendous success.

Now, it is also true that some entrepreneurs can be ahead of the problem.  By that, I mean that is it possible that your product idea could be made available and ready for the market, but the market doesn’t yet realize that they need it.  Well, in that situation, there is yet another problem for you to solve or it will force you to wait until someone else solve that problem for you by creating a need for your products.

The bottom line to it all is that if you have something that solves a problem, you are moving in a very positive direction.  Just keep in mind the saying, “Find a need and fill it!”  This is just another way of saying “Solve a problem”.

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16 replies on “Don’t Focus On Just Succeeding, Focus Instead On Solving A Problem”

  1. This has got to be one of the biggest problems today. Too many people are focused on getting rich these days, all too often forgetting the first major step; provide a SOLUTION to a problem!

    1. Exactly our point and we appreciate you expressing just how widespread this problem has become. Thank you.

  2. Money makes people greedy. Greed tends to have a bad way of distracting us from those long terms goals we have set for success. This was an insightful look at that very issue.

    1. Yes, we do agree with you. Anything that takes your focus away from your primary goal is to be avoided. By focusing mostly upon accumulating money tends to be a distraction.

  3. This is a the key point, become a problem solver. People don’t mind paying problem solvers. In fact, that’s what they are looking to do, find someone who can handle a problem they don’t understand. When you can reduce a problem to a solution, people are more than willing to pay for it.

    1. Absolutely true, David. The most difficult people to help are those who do not know or will not admit that they have a problem. However, once they can acknowledge their need for a solution to their existing problem, there is hope.

  4. Very true very true I totally agree with this.

  5. Life has taught me something about that.. After working for various employers I have seen different ways they used to manage their businesses. To focus just on making money will lead to losing your business. But by also focusing on your staff(who will feel good and work harder) is the key to keeping your business in good condition.

  6. This is a GREAT write up!!!! I have always believed that if one focuses on money only they WILL fail!!! Instead focus on your staff, problem solving, marketing, OR READ THIS ARTICLE!!!! Great reading!

    1. Since money is such a priority for most entrepreneurs, it tends sometimes to cause them to lose sight of everything else. Hopefully, a small reminder like our article will help them.

  7. I really enjoyed this article. This sort of information is really hard to find. I appreciate the fact that you are allowing us to contact you to discuss anything that we don’t clearly understand about your strategy. I am glad that someone is putting good business strategy out there!

    1. We are very excited to share what we have learned over the years, especially to our readers who are eager to discuss their needs with us.

  8. i like the fact that you said “Find a need and fill it!” a problem is just a need that needs to be fulfilled. In order to be a true businessman you need to know how to solve your problems, even if this problems were small ones. clients always prefer a businessman that understand the problems and find the simplest way to solve them.

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