How To Know For Certain If You Can Succeed In Business

DelegateAAre You Able To Tell Others What They Should Be Doing?

The question of whether you can succeed in business is not an empty thought.  Chances are that this question has gone through your mind many times.  If you are like most entrepreneurs, the thought drives you forward and keeps reminding you that you have not yet reached your ultimate goal.  If so, then what is holding you back?  Do you have any firm idea of what exactly the problem might be?

Surprising to most, the answer to this weighty question is easy to obtain.  For the most part, the single most striking personality trait that ultra successful business people have versus the less successful business owners is the ability to “delegate” critical tasks to others.

To be able to delegate work to others sounds simple and straightforward, but it isn’t always that way.  You see, when you delegate a task to another person, it requires among other things that you release the responsibility of getting that job accomplished entirely to someone other than yourself.

Now obviously, there are two extreme groups of people who will  actually delegate.  There are the perfectionists who can never be satisfied by the way others do things.  Even though they will assign tasks to others, they are never fully satisfied and the experiences nearly always end in frustration, resentment and tension for all concerned.  And, on the other end of this spectrum, there are those individuals who delegate easily and quickly to others, but who also releases all responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the outcome of the tasks.  That means there is no accountability as to the results achieved.

One thing is certain, if you want to accomplish a great deal in your business efforts, you will never be able to do everything yourself.   In addition, the more that you personally force yourself to do, the most likely that there will be a number of  things that you are not doing as well as they could be done by others.  You have to become “selective” of how you spend your time and what you focus your energy upon.  After all, you are the leader and there has to be sufficient time for you to “lead.

There is never enough time in any day to do all that needs to be done and quite frankly, there is never going to be enough of you either.  Your ultimate success will depend upon your ability to learn how to organize your efforts such that you delegate properly.

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10 replies on “How To Know For Certain If You Can Succeed In Business”

  1. You continue to provide very interesting articles on how to become successful as an entrepreneur. Once I read a few of them, I realized that your experiences as an entrepreneur are very valuable to anyone who wants to be independent.

    Many people nowadays seem to use the Internet for a home job. Even though, they will tell you that they are entrepreneurs, but they are not really. I understand better now that to be an entrepreneur, you have to think differently than you do as a worker. This is especially true if you are a so called home business worker.

    I will highly recommend your blog and strategy to anyone who is serious.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Everybody needs to generate income in whatever ways that they can. We understand that. Our purpose with our strategy is to help those who really want to be entrepreneurs how to approach the process. If tghey are happier working from home, but only as a worker for someone else, that is quite alright. We will not discourage them.

      However, we are quick to let them know that we can help them to find some activity that they will enjoy. But, our full strategy is much more than they can handle, if they do not want to control everything that they are doing. To be an entrepreneur, you should be in control as much as possible because you need to make your own decisions and to generate the amount of income that you want, not the amounts someone else will permit you to earn.

  2. This article provides some great insight on those particular cues that one should look for when running their own business. Excellent perception like this can save you in the long run!

    1. We do believe that by focusing as we are suggesting, your probability for success in business is greatly increased. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Creating a successful business is the dream of many entrepreneurs, but in many cases, their dreams are never fulfilled. These entrepreneurs fail to organize their resources so that they can produce their dreams. This post was created precisely as an aid to who entrepreneurs who just need a “little push” to start their businesses.

    1. As you have indicated, sometimes all that is need is a little push. We are glad to help in such situations.

  4. I agree that delegating tasks to others is a good point in succeeding business. Choosing the right person to delegate is also important. We can find the right person by giving small uncritical tasks in the beginning to test their capability. For business owners, delegation also reduces stress and provides more time in thinking of improvization.

  5. I’m happy this is being discussed. The business world will chew people up and spit them out, and to question your authenticity is very healthy. Thanks for the insight!

    1. Some entrepreneurs do not enjoy critical self analysis, but it can be a good thing when used seriously.

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