In Business, What Is Your Greatest Fear?

fearADo you ever hesitate before taking the next step toward your business success? 

To hesitate is not necessarily a bad thing.   Usually when a person hesitates, it is from wanting to be certain that they have not missed some critical step in the process of evaluating anticipated actions.

But, if you find that you are not moving forward because of a strong sense of “dread or doom”, this is most likely not from just being cautious – it is more likely because you are afraid of what might happen next. 

Some people are truly afraid of success.  I once had a person openly admit to me that he was petrified that he was about to become successful.

Oddly enough, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to become successful or that he was actually afraid of the benefits of success.  As we continued to talk more about his concerns, it became clear that he had a fear of change, not success.  He had grown very comfortable with his economic situation, even though he was not happy with it.  He had become adapted to his situation so much so that he was then comfortable dealing with all that it represented.

He was finally able to state his fear openly.  He asked me,  “If I take this next step and it works, what will my future be like and how will I handle all that I would have to manage then?”

Consider the dictionary definition of fear: “A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.”

An even easier definition to relate to could be “The anticipation of the possibility that something unpleasant will soon occur.”

A very simple, practical and often overlooked solution to this problem is to just discuss your concerns with someone whose opinions you trust.  Just the mere act of verbalizing your fears will begin to place you in a position of control over them.  Once you have openly acknowledged your fears, write them down and consider various ways to begin to address them.  Your plan of action should definitely contain steps and procedures that will eliminate or minimize all of your fears as much as possible.

Also, an excellent option for handling fears is to design or incorporate their elimination into your actions as you go forward.  As an example, I once had a client who had made some horrible financial errors early in his career and because of all of his resulting bad experiences, just the thought of having to discuss financial matters would throw him into a near panic state.

He was very successful in his marketing efforts and could usually discuss financial matters very well and with perfect clarity of thought.  But, if he were to be placed into a position where he had to personally handle even the most mundane of financial matters,  he  literally would become a “basket case”.  His solution was that he partnered with someone who relieved him of the types of financial responsibilities that he could not handle.

The fear of failure or success can hold you back from your ultimate goals, so find ways to deal with them if you can.  If you need extra assistance, seek it out because there will always be obstacles in your path until you learn how to avoid them or eliminate them as you move toward your success.

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36 replies on “In Business, What Is Your Greatest Fear?”

  1. Wow, great post! The things that hold me back are not succeeding or failing in whatever I’m doing.

    1. Tyler, everyone fails sometimes. The reality is that you have to learn from your mistakes and continue your efforts. Only by doing so will you overcome what has been holding you back. Good Luck.

  2. Wow, this article hit so close to home that I just had to read. Fear is the only thing that holds me back from all of my goals, it is so frustrating. I am constantly putting good habits into practice so that fear can’t get the best of me, and reading good blogs and articles for motivation always help. So thank-you, and for all of those chickens out there, we can do it.

    1. Good for you, Jessica!! Keep it going. Understanding what obstacles are in your path and facing them is really the only way to overcome them. You certainly have the right idea about overcoming fear. Best of continued success.

  3. On the verge of delving into the business world myself, this was exactly what was lining my mind’s pockets. Bottom line: Never. Fear. Change. Great read.

  4. I’m an anxious person who still has to learn not to hesitate because of the fear of failure. This article has made me realise I may also be fearful of success or change as mentioned in the comments.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Campbell. Once you have a clear understanding of what is slowing or preventing your progress, it is a good thing. From there, you can make solid and consistent progress. Good luck with your business efforts.

  5. I love this article and the comments posted. Fear is one of the main components of who you are as a person. Without fear, success would feel less satisfying. Everyone deals with it in their own way, glad to know I’m not the only one!

    1. Jordan, that was a very nice way of explaining that reality. Once a person is willing to admit that they have fears, they can take actions to defeat them. Your comments are perfect. Thank you.

  6. I’m about to start my business. But this article more or less describes how I feel right now. My greatest fear is that I will not keep my own business operating in the right way and that I will lose everything. That is why I am trying to prepare as best I can before I take this decisive step.

    1. You are wise to plan your business efforts. It is not possible to anticipate every situation, but by planning your business as much as possible, your chances for success are greatly increased. If you have registered for our free training, many of your concerns will be addressed during training.

  7. I just got into the Affiliate business , This article is Exactly how I’ve been feeling ! After reading it I smiled because It made me feel so secure .

  8. I’m an anxious person who’s had to learn not to hesitate or procrastinate for fear of failure. This article has made me realise I may also be fearful of success or change as mentioned in the comments.

    1. Having some measure of fear regarding change or sudden adjustments to your normal routines is very common. The best way to reduce or eliminate your fears is to overwhelm them with the confidence that you will gain by having a very powerful and solid plan. Our strategy focuses upon showing you how to plan your moneymaking activities so that they will blend smoothly with your other personal goals.

  9. I often think we should embrace the fears we develop and really explore how they are holding us back. Is fear a natural way of stopping us from making a mistake, or an excuse to sabotage our own personal success?

    1. Fear alone serves both purposes. The reality is that you cannot sustain both objectives. Only one of them will win the battle. You have to decide which will it be. If you continue to “feed” your fear and never make any decisions to move forward toward success, then fear wins. The only way to change that is to “feed” your success, but moving forward with positive steps toward success. Even small steps in a positive direction will be much better than to take no steps at all.

  10. Fear is something that everyone faces. I loved reading this blog post because it gave me a refreshing view on facing my own fears. Thanks Again.

    1. It is as you said, Mark. Everybody has to deal with their fears. We hope that our article is helpful to others as well.

  11. I have a fear of failure and a fear of success. I fear that I don’t deserve success but my fear of failure holds me back from taking the next step in my business. I realize that the only way for me to overcome my fear is to face it as I begin my business efforts. Thank you for giving me direction.

    1. We have talked with many entrepreneurs who have similar concerns. Our approach is to share special techniques within our strategy that will help you to overcome your fears. These technique are quite effective because they address your fears in very productive ways.

  12. One of the greatest lessons, I’ve learned from my dad is that as a business-owner you have to learn to be willing to take risks. Afterall, taking risks come with great rewards. In my opinion, the key to being a successful businessman is overcoming your fear and taking that first step towards your calling.

  13. This is a nice article that points out the major risks or important issues to keep in mind while managing a business. I was hesitating in many ways. I had a lot of questions in my mind. I now have fewer concerns after reading your article. Thanks you.

    1. By identifying and addressing your fears, your business efforts really will accelerate and become much more enjoyable.

  14. I believe one needs time to mature enough to realize that their fears of success are usually internal. Personally, I am constantly “sabotaging” my own walk toward success. I am no longer stopping my success, but I have learned to continue making progress as I deal with overcoming my fears.

    1. How you decide to handle your fears is critical to your success. We are happy to know that you have gained insight from our posts.

  15. All this only adds to the anxiety and stress that someone already feels making the experience incredibly uncomfortable that they never want to do it again.

    1. Your comments are not clear to us. It seems that you are saying that admitting your fears is not a positive action.

  16. I think that the fear of success is also a fear of having to be on your “A” game at all times. Fear of having to work more and harder the more successful you are.

    1. Quite likely this type of fear affects more people than one might think. This particular fear is very often disguised by other things, such as the fear of change or a fear of new patterns of behavior, etc. But, regardless if a fear stops you from moving forward, it is something that must be resolved as quickly as possible. In our strategy, we provide alternative ways of dealing with fear. One of the most effective ways can be to design your activities to minimize situations that could “trigger” you to act out those fears.

  17. I think my greatest fear is getting into something without being properly informed about what I’m getting into. As such, it pretty much ensures that my fear won’t ever be realized.

    1. Matt, your comment is very insightful. Thank you for sharing. We completely agree with you. We have many situations presented to us by clients because they failed to adequately plan their business efforts. Only when they are faced with a major difficulty do they wonder why it all happened. You are very wise to think ahead as much as possible. Of course, there is a world of difference between not planning and planning too much. We focus on how to avoid those mistakes as part of our strategy.

  18. I need this reminder, truly. It’s the fear of change that can cause the stagnation or hesitation, not the benefits of success itself. I mean, who wouldn’t want the perks?! For me, it’s the worry that I’m going to be in over my head managing the work that I need to in order to remain successful.

    1. Oftentimes in our discussions with successful entrepreneurs, we have come to notice that their concerns are better managed by a modification of their management techniques. For sure, your focus is certainly well placed. There is no doubt that for you to succeed as you wish, being aware of and willing to focus upon this issue comes first. More than likely you could lessen your anxiety by adding some additional “tools” to your management toolbox.

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