Local Business/Marketing Advisory – Cross Promoting, Customer Service & Customer Reviews

Cross Promotion is an activity that can uncover new opportunities that you have never considered

https://smallbiztrends.com/2018/05/cross-promotion-small-business.htmlWhat is Cross Promotion and How Can it Benefit Your Small Business?

This is an “outside the box” idea, but a very powerful one if you think about it just a little!


Your most ideal customers, clients and patients are probably already customers of many other noncompetitive local businesses in your area.

Would you like to discuss ways to cross promote some of your products and services?  Give us a call and let chat about the possibilities.  Chances are that there are many businesses in your area who would love to cross promote with you also.

https://www.modernrestaurantmanagement.com/excellent-restaurant-customer-service-drives-customer-loyalty/ Excellent Restaurant Customer Service Drives Customer Loyalty

How important are online reviews in attracting new customers to your business?

Online reviews are extremely valuable for attracting new customers to you. Don’t underestimate their value. A vibrant collection of consistent reviews can work wonders for any business and the evidence of that fact is being verified by businesses around you.

Consumers are heavily relying upon online reviews to to decide where to shop, eat, and conduct their business.

Congress passed laws to prevent businesses from attempting to influence customers from reporting negative comments or reviews. This adds to the level of credibility for most reviews. There is still a need for being wary of reports that are always glowing. When a business responds to negative comments, this shows that there is a willingness to address issues. That is a very valuable reputation for any business to have.

Many business who maintain reviews are very openly discouraging business to give incentives to customers which would tend to influence their reviews and ratings. that is obviously going to be a concern and should continue to be closely monitored by both lawmakers as well as the public.

When it comes to the impact of reviews, both quantity and quality are important, so make use of their power to help your business to grow properly and to increase the loyalty of your customers.