Local Business/Marketing Advisory – How To Benefit From Customer Reviews?


Making Sure That Your Business is “Google Ready” Is The First Step!

Obtaining Google customer reviews is a critical part of your overall marketing efforts!  Verifying your business via Google My Business is an easy way to ensure your clients and customers know where to find you. Having Google customer reviews will give you a major advantage of businesses that have not properly done the same. It’s super easy and has a massive impact on your online marketing success!

Have you Verified your Business on Google?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3cPgH9JP04If You Are Not Sure Of The Easiest Ways To Get Customer Reviews, Give Us A Call Or Drop Us An Email!

You may have heard already, but if you haven’t, Google has recently changed its policies on business reviews. Google has expressed that you cannot discourage your customers from leaving reviews about which you may not agree.

Google Changed Its Review Policies & This Is What You Need to Know

Consider How Much You Can Gain By Using These Additional Services To Promote And Brand Your Business

Almost every search for a business on Google serves up an information box on the right side of the results page. It shows the company name, phone number, hours, a link to their website, as well as pictures and reviews. You will love how convenient it is to get directions or check company ratings, and all your competitors have detailed, attractive information boxes when you search them online. But when you search your own company on Google, no dice. It’s either no information box, or one that’s subpar at best, which you didn’t create. It’s super simple— once you understand how to get started.

How to Get Your Business on Google’s Right Sidebar “Knowledge Graph”

We hope that these articles and videos have helped you to gain a bit more insight into the many benefits of gathering customer reviews for your business.

We can assist you in numerous ways that will match your business model.  The perfect solution will be a review system that consistently works and provides your customers, clients or patients with an easy and comfortable way to express themselves.