What Stresses You More? Is It Your Business Or Your Lifestyle?

womanunderstressAWould You Be Surprised To Learn That Having A Successful Business Can Also Bring A Huge Amount Of Additional Stress Into Your Life?

When you feel that you have too much “on your plate”, you are likely to be correct.

But, the next important question to tackle is why?

Many factors come into play when you take a serious look at exactly why you are too busy. But, be warned – When you begin searching for answers, you will find them and then you have to be prepared to take action or things will only become worse!

Here are some typical possibilities that you might consider:

  • There are incompetent people pretending to do their jobs.
  • You do not have enough “hands” to accomplish the required tasks.
  • Your workloads are being poorly managed and assigned.
  • Your business is not structured correctly to function efficiently.
  • There are “wasted minutes” throughout the work week.
  • Multiple admin errors are being committed on a frequent basis and not detected.
  • There is a gross “cover-up” within your staff and critical info is being hidden from you.
  • There is inadequate and/or poor communications among your staff members.
  • Set aside definite time to “unwind” and relax so that you enable yourself to recharge.
  • Work is not being prioritized and completed in a priority basis.
  • There are insufficient delegations of certain tasks, so they should be investigated.
  • Monitor the time it takes to complete tasks and verify that there are no issues there.
  • Critical checklists are not being maintained and used to reduce errors.
  • Someone is agreeing to handle more work than they are capable of managing.

The truly successful business person realizes that business success is much more than just accumulating cash flow and expanding their business efforts. It is just as critical to accomplish those goals and others while not creating other issues such as personal illness, family dysfunctions, depressions, etc.

A successful business should also enable you to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle as well.

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62 replies on “What Stresses You More? Is It Your Business Or Your Lifestyle?”

  1. Stress is such a big thing for me that finding out where it comes from can definitely be a challenge. After reading this it helps me to realize that it can be one of two or a balance of both, and learning how to maintain a healthy balance is so crucial.

    1. It most certainly is an ongoing process. To us, it appears that you already have such a keen understanding of why all of this is so important. We predict that you will win at whatever you are doing.

  2. I personally believe that work stress is much, much, easier to deal with than personal stress. I guess it does just vary from person to person as to what their biggest problems really are.

    1. That is correct, Eric. Each person is different and they react to each unique situation in their own ways.

  3. Actually, the answer depends upon many factors. When business profits or a lack thereof affects your life, your business stress is the more painful. But when personal issues are being hampered by your business efforts, then personal stress is much more painful. It totally depends on the situation in which you find yourself.

  4. You can’t control everything in your work environment, but that doesn’t mean you’re powerless—even when you’re stuck in a difficult situation. Finding ways to manage workplace stress isn’t about making huge changes or rethinking career ambitions, but rather about focusing on the one thing that’s always within your control: you.

    1. Very true statements, John. Perhaps beyond your observations, one must come to understand the impact that stress has on them so that their ability to function is not impaired.

  5. Success is truly defined by each person. I believe that is absolutely true. This article does a really good job of bringing to light how much stress affects people. I enjoyed the large list of possibilities that were listed for us to consider.

    1. Eliminating or reducing stress in our lives is one of the most important goals every person can have.

  6. While reading this article I was reflecting on the issue of employees not caring about your business as much as you, the owner, do.

    As an owner setting aside time to really look at how things are working from the ground up or through each step of the process is really important. Any link in the chain that’s faulty can be resulting in fewer sales and lower profits.

    Your list of possibilities is a good starting point for that. And of course happy employees are almost always more productive employees!

    1. We definitely agree with you on this. It all starts with good communications between employees and employers.

  7. Good point. Everyday people walk by reading stuff on their phones and forget to see stuff with their eyes. Maybe they should slow their pace down a bit. That could make their life more meaningful and valuable.

  8. The most relevant of these to me is “Set aside definite time to “unwind” and relax so that you enable yourself to recharge.”

    I think this one is so hard for a lot of us because we have a hard time saying no, especially when we know there’s work to do or that it’s in our interest to get involved with a particular project. But it is possible to get burnt out and stretched too thin. Sometimes setting and maintaining professional boundaries, while uncomfortable and awkward in the short term, ultimately improves your efficiency and effectiveness.

    1. It certainly does help to set aside definite times to “unwind”. The cumulative effect of doing so on a regular basis makes all the difference.

  9. Wow, this is so true. As someone who “does what he loves” often my work and personal life bleed over. It is important to find distinction and to monitor where stress is really coming from.
    This article will make a huge difference, thank you.

    1. Thank you. Albert. It is so easy for your business to drown out the important benefits you gain by having your lifestyle vibrant and active. Certainly, you do really need to keep your lifestyle in good shape along with your business efforts also.

  10. Time management , maintaining good rapport with your team may help in relieving the stress in the work life. Deadlines are always the reason for stress to people working in the IT industry. They may waste the initial time for the task and run during the final hours which creates stress and less productivity.

  11. This is very handy information about how to deal with stress in our daily life or in our work. Stress is the most important factor of our daily routines. However, after reading this article, I am much more able to manage my daily stress. Thank you, Sherman.

  12. I enjoyed reading this article, Stress is the leading cause of death in the United States. Stress is a real killer, this article give great insight into the issues and what to do about it. Knowing how to handle it is half the battle.

    1. Any helpful methods should be well received by all of us. Thank you for your comments.

  13. These are good points. Communication and strong leadership is something that is required to run an EFFICIENT business, and I speak from personal experience. With poor leadership and communication down to the lowest of the subordinates, results in terrible efficiency. Instead of a work that can be completed in 3 hours, it drags on for 8 hours. Morale becomes low and stress becomes high for the worker. Leadership then gets angry at the workers. No one wins.

    1. Yes, most results can be traced back to actions of those at the top. Employees usually reflect the attitudes of those above them. Thanks for your observations.

  14. This post really hit the nail on the head. As I read down the list of typical possibilities, I started to realize that you were describing my exact situation.

    Workers who let the business down for the reasons listed or for other reasons certainly will bleed the business dry. I know that it is time for me to start taking some action. Thank you.

  15. Yes, it is very important to have your people in the right situations at their work so that they do not become too stressful. That requires good management and smart decision making. Of course there are many factors to be considered, but I feel that doing this is really important!

    1. Most times employers have to deal with their own levels of stress, but it is still their responsibility to look out for the needs of their employees. If employers are able to maintain low levels of stress for their employees, that factor alone will help their company to remain productive and growing.

  16. If work is stressing you out to the point where you can take it no longer, then it is either time to take a break or find a new job.

    1. Chances are likely that taking a break is the better idea, as this article is referring to business owners and entrepreneurs. Hopefully, those readers who are still working for someone can take as many breaks as needed.

  17. Thanks for the great Article! This is something I can so much relate to. As a full-time working mom I have struggled to find the balance between business and family. After almost a year of depression I have come to realize that in order to be successful in my career I need to take care of myself first.

    1. That is a very wise and profound statement. In order for you to help others, it is very much necessary for you to be in a position to do so. That requirement places your needs as a top priority before you can adequately help anyone else.

  18. You may have not believed that reducing stress was even possible, but after reading your article I am now confident that learning how to do so could be a major turning point in your life.

    1. We certainly hope that your view will be shared by our other readers. Thank you for your comments.

  19. This article is very enlightening on the stress that comes with business management, but I believe it is very worth while in the long run. I do believe giving yourself time to “unwind” from everyday stress is highly important.

  20. Excellent and positive advice in case anyone ever feels stressed out about their business conflicting with their lifestyle. I personally feel as if both factors can go hand in hand when it comes to mentally breaking someone down, and this article helps with that.

    1. Yes, it is true that many of our readers are indicating that they feel it is important to balance business and lifestyles. We totally agree with them.

  21. I think it can be very valuable to identify specific things that are adding stress to your life. That way you can know what needs to change or what you should eliminate.

  22. Your blog post is really well written. I enjoyed every moment of it. I wish to learn more about this topic as I will continue to explore your blog. I love your content. This blog post was really informative. Thank you !

    1. Thank you, Jodiann for your comments. Understanding where your stress comes from is a necessary step toward finding relief from them. We try to always have our readers to appreciate our blog because it is informative and thought-provoking. We appreciate your thoughts on this.

  23. I absolutely believe this. I often have anxiety at the thought of owning my own business. I’m glad to know that the anxiety I feel has some scientific backing and not just the paranoia I live with on a daily basis. I’ll keep working for the man if it’s all the same to you!

    1. It is important, we feel, to choose your path and know that it is the path that is right for you. Once you understand what works for you, your positive progress is much more likely to occur.

  24. Yep I agree. You should get the balance right. It’s what Chinese monks do most of their life. But we are not Chinese monks. Just do something from this article and it will help you for sure.

    1. The important of having a life of balance relates to your business, your health, your finances and all of the important areas of your life. Certainly, having balance in your life, as a goal, is a good thing.

  25. i just recently came across this website and its come in great use so far! These articles are in depth and easy to understand which i appreciate. Keep it up with the great posts!

    1. Hopefully, our articles will continue to be viewed as useful by our readers. We do try to remain highly interactive with our readers and in so doing, we always have valuable inputs from them.

  26. What is it they always say? You have to take care of yourself before you can successfully take care of anyone else. This applies with a business as well. How are you supposed to provide a good work environment for your employees when you can’t take the time to focus on yourself. I know when I am stressed, I am hard to be around. Same applies to several bosses I have had in the past.

    1. Your comments show great insight, Megan. This is especially true for employers as you say because their attitudes cast very long shadows throughout their organization. It is crucial that, as you are indicating, that employers understand how to handle their responsibilities in light of the impact their actions always have on their staff. Great advice, thanks.

  27. It’s important to practice balance in life. If you focus on work all the time, then the rest of your life will suffer. People need to have lives outside of work.

    1. Your statements are not only true, but reveal the actual “driving force” behind our overall strategy. Our director truly understands what can happen if a person focuses too much of their time and effort on goals that are not in balance with all of their goals in life. Our strategy helps to prevent a misuse of your time, energy and money attempting to reach goals that are not in balance with your life goals. One can achieve important goals when they are properly, planned but the results can be very painful when the wrong approach is used. Lost time can never be replaced.

  28. I think the biggest one in my situation is not having enough hands to handle the work.

    1. Sandra, your response is reflected by the statements of many of our clients. Being the owner and/or manager of your business does, by definition, requires you to remain vigilant at all times. Having to deal with workflow concerns is usually stressful, but you are ahead of the curve on this – because you have identified the issue.

  29. Owning and running my own business is about the most stressful (yet most rewarding) thing I do. Unlike working for others, I am the top, where all problem eventually flow. I can delegate but when it comes to ensuring that things are done the way they’re supposed to be done, it’s all up to me, all the time. Major stress but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    1. Mona, we love your attitude! You understand your role quite nicely. Thank you for your insight as it should inspire others.

  30. Very good points. People often get caught up in “I HAVE to make this work!” and forget to take quality time for relaxation for themselves, and they need to do it daily! They don’t seem to understand that the brain needs to recharge, and reboot, just like the computer. Definitely familiar with all the rest of it, it’s what separates a good manager from a bad one.

    1. You make a very nice analogy, Caroline. People do often need to recharge or reboot themselves in order to continue working at their best. It is very wise to incorporate definite times to do so. Great advice for certain. Thank you for sharing.

  31. I think success is defined by each person. I don’t think there are any natural things here that apply to everyone. I think that success is determined by who you are inside. I agree that a good business will support a good lifestyle.

    1. It is true that success is defined by each person. Our point here is to emphasize that not just success, but stress, is also defined by each person. What might be stress to one person is considered enjoyment to another. The thought here is that when a person determines that they are experiencing “stress”, then there are techniques that can be used to relieve or eliminate this stress without disrupting or destroying the “lifestyle” that the person is also trying to maintain. How best to do this does still depend upon the person somewhat, but that was the point of the article. Thank you for commenting.

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