An Introduction to Cornucopia Strategy

Cornucopia Strategy can be and has been described in a myriad of ways because it relates to many important areas of every entrepreneur’s journey.  However, despite its broad flexibility, it is best known as a “tool” for identifying, evaluating, and acquiring “distressed” proprietary products or services and then transforming them into “WIN-WIN” situations for all parties involved.

The best and easiest way to introduce it is, to begin with a few of the most likely areas of interest:

  • Location, Evaluation, and Exclusive Acquisition of “Proprietary Business Opportunities”
  • Methods & Strategies for Privately Solving Your Business Needs and Wants
  • Safely “Attract & Vet” Associates who will be Ready, Willing, and Able to Assist You
  • How to diversify our membership so it can better satisfy your business goals
  • Learning How to Create and Manage Free Time while You Chase Your Dreams
  • How to Add the Power of Collaboration into Your “Plan of Action”
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Stress by “Using What You Have to Get What You Want”
  • How to Develop a Personal “Plan of Action” Focused on Your Needs
  • The Benefits of applying “Bootstrapping Techniques” as part of your “Plan of Action”

In addition, Cornucopia Strategy is designed to be a special “tool” that you can use in a very personalized manner.  The overall objective is to surround yourself with valuable and useful opportunities including qualified associates.  The combination of both along with a well-defined plan of action should accelerate your business progress in powerful ways.

However, when fully applying Cornucopia Strategy, you will receive an additional unique benefit.  You will become aware of potential negative conflicts that could occur between your personality and value system and the types of entrepreneurial efforts you choose to pursue.  Chances are that statement will seem rather odd to you.  Certainly, if I had been told anything similar as I began my journey as an entrepreneur, I would have ignored it completely.  And that would have been a drastic mistake for me.

The membership of Cornucopia Strategy is composed of two distinct groups of entrepreneurs.  We label them as “Passive” and “Active” members.  Both membership groups are actively engaged in their pursuit of business success.  The difference between them is the approach that they choose to apply.  By their nature, each membership group has its own set of expectations within our Cornucopia Strategy.  These expectations are outlined below:

Our “Passive” Member Expectations

  • Learn to properly understand and apply Cornucopia Strategy
  • Realize that as a “Passive” member, you have no initial or monthly fees to participate
  • Review your personal business needs and wants that are obstacles to your progress
  • Review your business skills, knowledge, and resources that can be valuable to others
  • Learn how to use the full list of BENEFITS that are freely provided by Cornucopia Strategy
  • Learn to properly submit Bulletin notices to our Opportunity/Collaboration Bulletin
  • Take advantage of the privacy protection networking features of Cornucopia Strategy
  • Be sure to apply initial “vetting requirements” to all of your submitted Bulletin notices
  • Be sure that Bulletin notices share “What You Seek” and “What You Offer In Return”
  • Participate in growing our community by sharing our links and literature with others
  • Be respectful of other members and require the same from them in return
  • Complete and submit our surveys, asd requested, to inform us of your “Needs”
  • The Bulletin focuses on “proprietary ownership” efforts, not non-exclusive marketing
  • Remember that you only can accept Bulletin notice contact from other members
  • When members seek to contact you via the Bulletin, you do not have to respond
  • Freely submit Bulletin notices without limit, but only those Approved will be published
  • Regularly review our Bulletin as it is continuously available to our membership
  • If you see a Bulletin notice that interests you, create a “Bulletin Response Request Notice”
  • Use our Private Message feature of the Bulletin for support when needed

Our “Active” Member Expectations

  • You have all of the same expectations as “Passive” members
  • You will maintain your paid monthly “decoding passcode” 
  • Attend strategy and/or consultation online sessions (Group and Personal)
  • Develop a Personal Business “Plan of Action” using Cornucopia Strategy
  • Request contact from owners of Bulletin notices of interest to you
  • Actively seek “distressed” business situations using Cornucopia Strategy
  • Develop your personal network within the full Cornucopia Strategy membership
  • Be eligible for free exposure to “Your Business Story” via Cornucopia Strategy
  • Be eligible for Cornucopia Strategy product and service discounts
  • Be eligible for focus group training on advanced Cornucopia Strategy features


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