SDKdesignASDK Hunter Consulting Group was created to be the perfect “tool” for entrepreneurs who wanted to discover sensible ways to develop their skills while quickly integrating their current knowledge with the skills and knowledge of other serious entrepreneurs by using strong “win-win” collaborations.

Our services will generally belong to one of the following groups:

  • SDK Collaborator Group Revenue Projects
  • eAllianceMaker Membership Strategy Activities
  •            Members receive free consultation services from SDK focusing upon special “team-building” entrepreneurial activities. SDK uses its own resources, including staff and other associates to identify proprietary projects and revenue-generating situations in which Collaborator Group members can participate given the permission of the various project owners. 
  •            The money-making strategies used are patterned after our director’s special methodology known as “Personal/Portable Business Strategy”.  If you are interested in this free business strategy, money-making service, and consultation, please click the “Consultation” link on our home page and describe your current entrepreneurial activities and any pending or desired projects.  After your information has been received, a staff member will contact you with more instructions. Or, you may also review the “Opportunities” tab in our side menu to see additional details about the SDK Collaborator Group.
  • Collaboration Design
  •           Evaluation of personnel resources available versus those required for successful and timely project completion.
  • Software Development
  •           Use our team of experienced full-stack developers to develop secure innovative web applications for your business solutions.
  • Writing Assignments
  •           Articles
  •           Blog Posts
  •           Facebook Posts
  •           Guest Posts
  •           Press Releases
  •           Newsletter Content
  •           Twitter Posts
  •           White Papers
  • Entrepreneurial Consultation
  •           Special one-on-one discussions that focus on the personal, business, and project dynamics as they relate to and impact the successful development and implementation of a business plan.
  • Focused Project Consultation
  •           Highly targeted analysis designed to identify, diagnose and resolve a critical issue that is threatening to jeopardize a project.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The first step in securing any of our services will be to just contact us for an initial discussion.  This is necessary so that we can more accurately estimate the staff resources that are available to handle your requests.  As a general rule, our in-house staff remains highly committed to a rather consistent number of consultations and therefore can only schedule new incoming projects based upon available time slots.  If we are not able to assist you directly, we may be able to recommend the services of other companies that might satisfy your requirements.

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