You have incredible value within you, but the secret is knowing exactly how you fit into the big picture!

The reality is that everything about you is what makes you valuable to the business world, but you might not fully understand why.

This mini-series will explain all of this to you.  But, please understand that this is really going to be about you.  It will focus on your background, skills, interests, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes plus all that makes you the person that you are!

Although you may not yet be one of our subscribers, it is very likely that your personality, your talents, and your business goals will be contained and described in one or more of the posts within this series.  So, be sure to read and review them all.  Not only will you likely recognize yourself, but you will be shown how to better understand what you need to become more successful and to do so quickly.  For certain, even without yet knowing you personally, I can assure you that a big part of your business solution will be a function of collaboration.  Collaboration is the key to true business success!

If you have been following our blog, you already know that my path into entrepreneurship was guided by my mentor.  And because I already had amassed a long history of consulting within the engineering world, it was somewhat logical that I use my consulting background while interacting with business owners and entrepreneurs.  So, I suddenly found myself placed into a heavy stream of face-to-face, phone call after phone call, and letter after letter meetings with entrepreneurs and business owners.

My responsibilities in those situations exposed me to basically the same questions over and over again – day-in-day out, week-in-week-out.  Regardless of each person’s background or personal life experiences, the questions remained very much the same for each of them.  However, over time I realized that their best answers were not always the same, but they certainly were all very similar.

Therefore, this is why I believe I can describe exactly how you probably should relate to or fit into the business world.  In addition, these experiences that I have had over the years have equipped me to recommend how you can resolve those pressing questions that may be holding you back from your ultimate success goals.

Now, before we get started, you should know one only important factor in all of this.  Most people (I dare say every person) are a mixture of personalities so it is unfair to completely “lump” anybody into just one category.  In many cases, most people are more one way than another, there is always a mixture of categories.

The “key” is to gain enough understanding of who you are so that you take advantage of all of your strengths while minimizing the impact of weaknesses.  We all have both strengths and weaknesses.  The goal is to maximize strengths over weaknesses.

In our strategy, there are four categories.  You are a part of each of them, but only you will be able to say firmly which of these categories are dominant within you.  The fortunate part of this is that no matter which category is dominant for you, you can be very successful in business if you understand how to apply what we are about to discuss throughout this mini-series.

Part 2 will reveal the first of our four categories.

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