Are You Constantly Thinking Of New Ways To Do Things? 

If so, perhaps you could be thought of as an “innovator”.

The world has always needed and will always need “innovators”.  Nothing that is ever accomplished can be accomplished without “innovators”.  So if this term describes you, you are in an “elite” category.

As valuable as “innovators” are to our society, it is often difficult for other people to understand their unique personal pressures, anxieties, fears and concerns when it comes to the business world.  Perhaps, most of the extra level of business difficulties faced by “innovators” is the fact that most of the time, they are describing situations and/or devices that only they can “see”.  Just by their nature, “innovators” are focusing upon products or some thing that, for the most part, does not yet exist or some thing that has not existed for very long.  As a result, they can feel isolated.

Their difficulties are compounded even further when they attempt to enter into the business world.  Most forms of business, especially entrepreneurship, can be frightening enough on its own – when one adds another factor like new inventions, unheard of concepts or even ideas that might appear to be strange, then everything simply become much more difficult.

Now, adding to all of the above, many “innovators”, especially the most successful ones, tend to be highly focused.  They can be stubborn and unyielding in their pursues – and that is not a bad thing.  Without it, many of the world’s greatest boons would not even exist except for those “innovators” from the past who would not give up.

The wonderful benefits that the world receives from “innovators” cannot ever be ignored or minimized in spite of the difficulties that many of them have had to endure.  I have always enjoyed talking with “innovators” because it is seldom that I don’t learn something interesting from the conversation.  In fact, that is one reason “innovators” are an important part of our SDK Collaboration Group.

I have had many wonderful experiences because of “innovators” and they all had (or will soon have) important pieces of information to share with us – if we will only listen and give them a chance to educate us about how they view the world.  It can be very different.

Here is an article describing one of my favorite talks with an “innovator”.  I hope that if gives you insight about this “innovator”.

If you do consider yourself an “innovator”, then join our SDK Collaborator Group so that we can begin to share special strategies and assistance that is focused upon your unique business needs.

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