Being Able To Focus In A Storm Is Not Very Easy- BUT, You Are Expected To Do So, If You Are The Captain Of The Ship!

Many entrepreneurs, especially talented ones, have difficulty admitting to themselves and others that they have limitations.  This is a serious problem for many entrepreneurs because it causes them to deny the truth to themselves and to those around them.

This problem will unfortunately manifest itself at just the wrong times in most business situations.  So, it is best to recognize the problem early and to effectively resolve it quickly.  Typically the reason why many entrepreneurs have difficulty focusing is that they may have developed an “opportunity seeker mentality”.  Every new opportunity is as good or better than the last one for individuals who think this way.

By applying that term to them, we mean that their eagerness to identify and to get in on the “next” great opportunity causes them to  drop one thing for another.  This tends to force them to “restart” their business efforts continually.  Of course, that tendency also means that they seldom ever finish anything that they start.

Some entrepreneurs are able to make good decisions regarding new opportunities, yet they are still simply distracted by opportunities  much too frequently.  So, whether they lose focus completely or are just distracted continually, the end result is that their most important current projects never receive their full attention.

When such entrepreneurs are also the primary “decision makers”, this problem can become a major issue that can “sink” their business efforts.  As business success increases, so will the number of new opportunities that will become available.  If the “decision maker” cannot remain focused upon the current business plan and finds himself meandering from one project to another, disaster is at his doorstep.

The daily activities of businesses that are genuinely growing and expanding will likely resemble a “bee hive” rather than a calm office environment.  Entrepreneurs will have to be able to make proper decisions in the midst of a lot of distractions, so being able to focus will be both critical and necessary.

If your business plan has been carefully developed and reviewed, you owe it to yourself to remain “on target” and to not permit anything to distract you in an inappropriate manner.

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