As We Looked At The Ocean, He Asked Me, "Would You Like To Soon Own A Beautiful Sailboat Like That?"

It all seemed magical that on this special day, all of the colors seemed to be so bright and vivid!

And, at that same moment, I felt a sudden rush of excitement and a flood of wonderful expectations as I stared over the Pacific Ocean for the first time.  It has never been forgotten.

The massiveness of the ocean was certainly part of this overwhelming experience, but the other part was knowing that I was sharing this experience with the man who had offered to become my mentor.  He suggested that I accompany him to one of his favorite spots along the beach so we could discuss some things.

I was so full of questions.  I had so much to learn and I had so many ideas in my head.  What should I do first?  Where do I focus my energy?  Is this a good idea to try?  How do I know that my ideas are practical? It seemed as if I couldn’t get them answered fast enough.

I am sure that he sensed my eagerness and suggested that he ask me a few questions instead.  This was a great idea actually, because this is when I really began to learn.   I learn best by listening, not by talking.

Earlier I had mentioned to him that when several of my friends heard that I was planning a vacation to California, they had all indicated how much they would like to be coming along with me.

So, my mentor said to me – “Let’s suppose that several of your friends had come on this trip with you.  Okay?  You have indicated that these are rather close friends.  These are people who you know well and believe that they are reasonable, sensible, and rational, correct?”  I answered, “Of course!”.  And then he said something that started my journey into entrepreneurship.

Let’s imagine that your friends are here with you now looking out over the ocean with us.  I have a question for all of you.

“Would You Like To Own A Beautiful Sailboat Like That?”

My immediate answer was, “Absolutely, no doubt about it! Yes, I would love to own a sailboat like that!”  He said, “How do you think your friends would answer?”  My response was quick.  “They would answer the same way that I did, of course.”

His response was not expected and it caught me totally unprepared.  He asked, “What would you say to those friends who would respond by asking – What sailboat?”

He continued, – “The first thing you have to understand is that what you see, not everyone else will see – even if they are looking at the same things you are.

The sailboat answer was an obvious one, but what if we were talking about opportunity?  What you and I might see as an opportunity, others may not.  So, when that happens, what do you do?  How would you react?  How do you determine if you are correct in what you see or if you are wrong?

These are questions that you will have to answer because I am about to show you things that others will not see and some things you may not see either – initially.  That is our starting point.  We have to determine if you and I have enough of the same vision to see into the exact same future.”

As I stared at that beautiful sailboat, it slowly faded away.  I knew what I was faced with at that very moment.  I would be asked to reveal to him in clear expressions and definite actions that I am prepared to learn what I have indicated I wanted to learn.

And even more importantly, we both had to determine if I could “see” what he sees.  If I couldn’t, there would be no relationship of the kind I wanted because we would not be able to focus on the same goals.

Lesson to remember: Two people must have the same vision in order to pursue the same goals.  One cannot chase what one does not see.

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