One Of The Greatest Joys Of Childhood Is Being Able To Freely Dream!

If you were granted JUST THREE WISHES, what would you wish for?

Have you ever thought about how your life would have been changed if you really could have received any three wishes?

We all begin our lives with the “gift of dreaming” and enjoy it for quite a number of years, but eventually, our precious dreams begin to conflict with what we are bluntly told is “reality”.  How sad it was to suddenly have limits placed all around us and all of our dreams.

Fortunately, dreams never really leave us.  Oh yes, in many of us, they do become suppressed, ignored, and in some cases forgotten.  But, they are still with us.  Sometimes, they may have been hidden away by the clutter of reality and they cannot be clearly seen as they once were in times past.  But, they are still there.  They never leave us because they are still an important part of us.  Your dreams are what makes you who you really are – deep down inside of you.

As consultants, we know this all to be true.  Through our clients, we see their dreams constantly being awakened and then beginning to “stir around” in the minds and hearts of those who first dreamed them many years ago.

The proof that dreams never leave us can be witnessed in so many ways.  Not only do dreams never leave us, dreams never really die.  Oftentimes they reappear to others in slightly different forms, but most often they are simply passed from one person to another and then to another.

Entrepreneurs most certainly are dreamers.  But so are inventors, scientists, engineers, researchers, teachers, and perhaps any group of individuals you can name.  Dreaming is part of the human experience. To us as consultants, entrepreneurs are especially valuable because their dreams often become “personal”.  They believe in their dreams enough to take action to make them come true.  True entrepreneurs don’t stop at the dream, they take action.

Having a dream is important and valuable, but it will only become “more than a dream” when it reaches the mind of an entrepreneur.

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