(Using What You Have To Get What You Want)

“HOW TO MAKE MARKETING STEW” (Using What You Have To Get What You Want)

Like most Internet entrepreneurs are now, years ago I was very eager to make money and rapid progress in everything that I did. I didn’t want to take time to read anything, ask questions or think things through. I had no time for that. I just wanted to make money and to make it fast. I did everything quickly. I talked fast. I read fast. I made decisions fast.

While consulting with an important client one day, I had a career-changing experience that “lives” with me even now.

As I arrived at my client’s office to make my masterful presentation on how I could make more money for him, I was surprised to discover an extra attendee. My client’s father (who looked to be in his 70s at the time) was to be part of the meeting. I wondered for a second as to why his father was there, but I jumped into my presentation anyway. And, I was brilliant at it. Or so I thought.

However, at the end of my presentation, I was surprised to see my client turn to his father and say, “Dad, what do you think about all of this?” The old man changed my entire life. Here is what he said to his son… He said, “Son, if YOU yourself don’t know where you are going… how will you know when you get there?”

Before his son could answer, he said… “If you have never seen a certain place before, how can you be sure you will recognize it if you went there?” And thirdly, he added… “And most of all, if you are that ignorant as to where you want to go, you had better be darn sure of who you decide to follow!”

I was stunned and trapped. I couldn’t begin an argument with the old man as my client was relying on his father’s opinion of me. What happened then was nothing short of a miracle to me.

His son said to him, “OK, Dad. What do you suggest?”

The old man said, “Well, son. It is simple. You need to use what you have to get what you want. Keep doing that and you will make progress.” I thought, “What the heck does that mean? Is this guy nuts or what?”

The old man continued, “You are not taking advantage of what you already have… you don’t need a consultant, you need to just make some old-fashioned marketing stew!” Then I knew the guy was nuts, but I had to just sit there. “When you were very young son, your mom and I had very little money. So when we needed food, we mixed up what we had to make a meal.”

“You have customers, you have prospects, you have products, and you can develop or acquire more products over time. Instead of doing what this young fellow is telling you, just ask the people you have what their needs are. When they tell you, supply it to them. If you don’t have what they want, just partner with companies and people who do. Then supply your customers with what they want.”

I later learned that this old man was a very successful businessman in his day and well-known for his highly successful marketing methods. I took his advice to heart and restructured my thinking. I developed and still use all of the tools needed to “make marketing stew” and I owe it to this old guy.

In my opinion, Internet entrepreneurs should take a tip from this old man and use their business contacts, associates, and customers to “make marketing stew”.

It doesn’t matter how many people are in your “sphere of influence” now. Just begin to learn how to uncover the “needs and wants” of those with whom you do business and your “stew” will happen.

Once you understand how to make “marketing stew”, you will never be hungry again.

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