So you want to generate residual and passive incomes? And, you want to generate these incomes 24 hours/day, seven days a week whether you work or not?

Great idea, but can it happen? Absolutely, it can. But, you need to set the right goal.

A few years ago, the big question was, “Can anyone really make serious money over the Internet?” But now, the question is, “What is the best way to make serious money?” The answer really depends upon what is important to you. But which approach is best?

There is a difference between residual income and passive income. You must start by understanding the difference between the two. I define them in the following ways:

Residual income generally requires some action or activity from you on a sustained basis. However, passive income, once set up, is constantly generated without your involvement.

In other words, residual income requires activity from you even if only on a limited basis. Passive income generally requires no activity from you, at all.

Residual Income: Any program that pays you a regular commission for sales generated by customers that you have located or are continuing to locate. If you wish to become involved in such a program, choose one that will require very little time or money.

Passive Income: Any program that pays you consistent income without you having to do anything, once the initial setup work has been completed. You can generate passive income if you invest time (and some money) to put your plans into motion.

In either case, you will want to prepare yourself to build multiple streams of income, because it just makes good sense to do so. The more income you have and the more diversified it is, the more stable your total income will be. That should be your goal.

After researching this subject for numerous clients, I was eventually able to identify the characteristics of the best programs. My clients were then able to make choices that were proper for them. Perhaps, you will be able to do the same.

Here are recommendations that I gave to my clients to help them to select a program:

  • The program must generate very rapid results. You should choose a program that makes progress quickly. It is important to know that you are on the “right track”.
  • The program must work on an automatic or semi-automatic basis.
  • All of the instructions should be concise and clear.
  • Choose a program that will be popular years from now, not just in the near future.
  • A solid business plan or step-by-step guide has to be provided with the program.
  • Choose a program in which you will have personal consultation assistance.
  • Insist on programs that use trustworthy companies to handle your payments.
  • Be sure to use direct deposit for your payments. This way, you can travel whenever you want and not have to worry about depositing checks.
  • Only use programs that require very low overhead. Don’t get involved in programs that will keep requiring more investments from you.
  • Choose a program that “excites you” and that you will enjoy managing.
  • Select a program that will help you to “leverage” your time and money.
  • Pick a program that offers you multiple ways to generate your income. Don’t settle for just one or two ways to make money. You should be diversified.
  • Only involve yourself with a program that can generate unlimited income.
  • Choose a program that will not be affected by competition in any way.

My clients and I all agreed that it was difficult to find programs that satisfy all of these recommendations. However, the best program reviewed that generated multiple residual income streams quickly was this powerful program.

Some clients were totally committed to only developing passive income streams. For those clients, we found another program to be a better selection.

A few of my more aggressive clients chose to combine both types of income, so were attracted to this aggressive program because they wanted larger income potentials.

In the final analysis, the income opportunities are there, but only if you follow a carefully developed plan. Make progress quickly by following proven methods. After your initial income has started, you can then expand your efforts and become more aggressive.

This article was written by SDK Hunter Consulting Group

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Sherman Hunter and SDK Hunter Consulting Group staff consultants provide global moneymaking opportunities and proprietary strategies that quickly accelerate business activity. You may familiarize yourself with these unique concepts by visiting the SDK Hunter Consulting Group blog located at:  https://sdkhunter.com

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