Most people will tell you that the more knowledge you have, the more power you also have. 

In other words, they are repeating the very well-known phrase - "Knowledge Is Power"!

I believe that it is good to have knowledge especially when it comes to the world of business and entrepreneurship.  Usually, the more knowledge you have when faced with problems to be solved, the more likely you will be able to find solutions.  So, in that way, I also agree that it is a good thing to have as much knowledge as possible.

As useful as having knowledge can be, your ignorance when properly identified can be just as powerful and almost as profitable when coupled with the powerful personalized special strategies taught within our SDK Collaborator Group.

Without exposing the inner secrets of the strategy, the best example to illustrate the point might be the following:  If you had a number of tasks to perform in order to reach an important objective, but you realized that there were a few tasks that you could not accomplish by yourself – How would you proceed to reach your goals?

If realizing that you would be limited in your efforts, you decided to elicit assistance from someone who you knew could handle those difficult tasks, you would have solved your problem in advance.  Then with this person’s assistance, you would be able to complete all of the tasks required in order to properly reach your objective.

In this example, being aware of what you could not do allowed you to obtain a practical solution to that issue.  In business, the circumstances can become much more complex.  Sometimes, even when you believe that you are remaining alert to everything that is happening around you, you can still sometimes run into real obstacles because you didn’t know what you didn’t know.

To the extent possible and practical, you should always devise a business plan that provides you with as much knowledge and insight as possible, especially when it comes to areas of business where you have limited knowledge, experience, and resources.

If you have concerns about making progress in areas that you have limited knowledge and understanding of, you can learn innovative ways to deal with those concerns by becoming a member of the SDK Collaborator Group whenever there are available openings.

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