Ways to make networking more enjoyable and profitable

Have you ever been asked, “Why do you network?” If you have, the answer was probably, “I do it to meet people, or I enjoy the interactions, or perhaps to make more money”. Any answer is a good answer, and if it is true for you, nothing else much matters.

However, have you ever realized that networking is usually accomplished in a rather one-dimensional manner? That is when someone goes about meeting people, it is usually accomplished one by one and there is not a lot of leverage involved. The reason is that most people are networking one person at a time. There are ways to bring a lot of leverage into the process.

Another question is,” How efficient are you in your networking?” Most people would think that if they are capable of gathering groups of people around them, then they are successful. I suppose if the measuring stick is head count, then that would be true. However, when it comes to making money and being highly profitable in the process, there are a few adjustments that you should incorporate into your networking routine.

First of all, You should start by asking yourself, “What will be the focus of your networking?” In other words, “What will be the glue that will hold these network relationships together?”. When you build your network without the right “glue”, either the network doesn’t remain cohesive or it never becomes the efficient moneymaking organism that it should.

As an example, let’s consider that you wish to build an alliance of associates with whom you can make a lot of money. If the individuals who made up this alliance have multiple interests in common, then your alliance will be extremely focused and highly efficient. With such an alliance available to you, your moneymaking possibilities will accelerate in a remarkable manner.

In addition to having a focused team, it would help tremendously if you would track the actual “needs and wants” of each individual within your circle of business contacts. To do this manually is rather an exhaustive task, but tools are available to essentially automate this process. If properly understood and executed, your contacts would then not only provide you with a constant stream of opportunities but profits. as well.

Using the right tools of networking, automated via the Internet, you can increase your bottom line without very much effort. If you are not developing your network with a lot of leverage, then you are “working ” quite a bit more than is necessary and you are losing profits.

Networking should be enjoyable and fun, and most of all, it should not require a lot of time. If it does, you are no doubt working without the proper tools of automation. The Internet can supply you with the tools you need to take your networking to the next level.

If you are serious about making money via networking, it makes sense to put some time and energy into the right tools. Can you imagine yourself attempting to build a house without giving any attention to the tools you were going to use? The same point is true with networking. It takes a lot more than just talking and chatting with people. You need a plan of action that is designed to be in total sync with your short and long-term goals.

And, of course, if your short and long-term goals are fuzzy to you and not totally clear, then you are off to a bad start anyway. Start by getting to know people who can help you to plot out a practical plan for yourself. If you are going to spend time talking to someone, why not start with the people who can best help you to succeed?

Think about adding more automation to your efforts, at the proper time. You will be rewarded with more time to enjoy the fruits of your networking.

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