If You Are In A Rut, Then Be Afraid – Very Afraid!

Mystery SignABeing In A Rut Of Any Kind Can Become  A Very Serious Situation Because Of The Following Important Facts!

When I initially entered the world of business and entrepreneurship, I had voluntarily stepped out of a situation where I had tremendous control over nearly all aspects of my daily routines and activities.

As an engineer, I had difficult and challenging assignments to resolve most days, but I had no issues deciding how I would approach their solutions.  In addition, all of the resources (manpower, equipment, materials, etc) that I needed to solve these problems were always readily available to me.

A major responsibility that I accepted when entering the business world was to devote significant amounts of each day communicating with other entrepreneurs  who were struggling to develop their own successful businesses.

Before I realized it, I had “inherited” hundreds of concerns,  fears, mistakes, and anxieties that were being dumped on me by nearly every entrepreneur I had communicated with since day one!  This realization hit me like the proverbial “ton of bricks”.

I absolutely was dedicated to helping each and every one of these entrepreneurs – but as an engineer, I understood one reality about solving any problem.  That reality is that no problem can be completely solved unless you deal with their associated constraints.

For example, in order to solve a problem, you must consider also why  the problem exists in the first place.   So, it took very little time for me to become  “head over heels and completely loaded” with business issues but, also with personal issues that had to be resolved for each and every one of these struggling entrepreneurs.  It was crazy!

Their problems were not all the same.  Some were similar to a certain degree, but never so similar that one solution would help all of them.  So, I found myself struggling with all of their individual struggles and they were announcing and dumping more new struggles on me  much faster than I was able to solve even their old struggles.

Close Friends And Allies Can Save Your Sanity!

A close friend from my engineering days came to my rescue.  He contacted me and indicated that he had just flown his family to my area.  He indicated that they would be spending their vacation near my office, so we were able to have lunch together one day.

He was very quick to tell me that my temperament was a bit different than he remembered from the old days.  So, after describing my frustrations and pressures I had recently acquired, he asked me a life-changing question.  I now will pose that same question to you.

What’s the difference between a rut and a grave?

The answer is – “Just about an inch!”

Here is what he said to me . . .

“When you are in a rut, there is always the possibility that you can get out of it by applying sheer effort and strategy.  But, the deeper the rut becomes, there will be a point at which you cannot get out of it.  Your rut will now be TOO DEEP.  That rut then becomes a grave.”

When I realized the truth in what my friend had said, I became seriously motivated to get out of my rut.  The result was that I began developing what became my escape strategy.  This escape strategy was the basis of how my current strategy was created.

This is a powerful and personalized strategy.  Not only can it get you out of a rut, but it can also show you how to build a bridge from where you are now to where you would like to go.

It will become your strategy once you fully understand how to use it.  But, you must truly want to  apply it to your personal situation.

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30 replies on “If You Are In A Rut, Then Be Afraid – Very Afraid!”

  1. Thank you again for another article that really spoke to me in my time of need. I am currently deciding whether to branch out and become an entrepreneur or to remain at my office job. I feel like I am often in a rut, but now I know I am far from the grave. Your wisdom is my light.

    1. Jane, thank you so much for your encouraging comments. We are so happy that you are helped by the article. We spend a great amount of time searching for topics that we believe will help entrepreneurs. Good luck with your pending decisions. We are here to help.

  2. Thank you so much for the good advice and consistent amount of back-up information for all of your theories. It really opens my eyes to see things from someone else’s perspective, and I just wanted to thank you for that.

    1. Thank you also, Jessica. It is nice to receive positive feedback and to know that others are appreciating our efforts. Thank you for sharing.

  3. You are right. It is important to identify the problem and to fix it because every business has some problems.

    1. Without question, there will be problems of one kind or another so learning how to resolve them is crucial.

  4. It’s so inspiring how you were willing to take the necessary risks involved in becoming an entrepreneur. Thank you so much for this post it really opened my eyes about my own rut!

    1. Noel, thank you for understanding. Much of the process of becoming an entrepreneur involves learning as you go, but it can be done. Of course, it helps if there are people around you who can offer suggestions and advice to help you. Thank you for reading our blog.

  5. Yes, ruts in life are terrible obstacles that should be avoided like the plague. I have been in 2 ruts in my life, One of which I’m going through now and I can tell you they are very bad for business. It is bad for your soul too as these are the things in life that dishearten a person from achieving more.

    1. Keeping fighting! You are so correct that the impact of ruts is very disheartening, so avoid them like the plague is good advice.

  6. It’s not always easy to get out of those ruts… but your friend was absolutely right that effort and strategy are the key to getting out. It’s always refreshing to hear it put so simply.

    1. Exactly. Please pass the idea along to others and hopefully it will prove helpful to many others as well.

  7. I listen to different people for different reasons. First, I listen closely to my inner self. There are a lot of opinions coming at you all of the time, so it is important to decide who to listen to. Of course, parents and close friends are valuable people to provide you with guidance since they understand you better than others.

    1. You really should place a higher value on the opinions of the people that you trust while ignoring others until their opinions have proven to be worthy.

  8. It is so very important to have close friends and allies when you find yourself in a rut!

    1. Only someone who is “outside” of the rut you are in will be in a position to provide you with another perspective. So, your point is well made, indeed!.

  9. Your close friend sounds very wise! “Just about an inch” haha! That’s a joke I’ll have to save for a party…

    1. Yes, it sounds like a joke. But it is definitely not very funny when you realize the implications. Once you have gotten yourself so deep that you cannot escape, would you feel any better if you were told that you were actually only a half-inch too deep?

  10. Being in a rut is such a dangerous thing, especially when it is not clear how you are going to get out of it! Sometimes you may not even know you are in one. Having close allies that will give honest feedback can be so helpful in these situations

    1. Very true, Raye. It is always good to have allies who you can depend upon, especially when you have a desperate need.

  11. I wish to be an entrepreneur in my later life and my goal is to succeed in a business where I have put all my efforts. After reading your article my responsibility is to avoid being caught in a place where I cant get out of. Thank you very much for your advice.

    1. Careful planning and remaining alert as to your overall plans should help you to avoid business pitfalls. Also, thys should cause you to not remain in any ruts that may happen along your way.

  12. Yep. Just because you drive into a ditch, doesn’t mean you have to keep walking there. It takes a little effort to get out, but once you do, the walking is easier.

  13. I’m a new entrepreneur and my major goal is to succeed in this business where I have dedicated all my effort and my saving. Now, after reading your article my big responsibility is to avoid being in a rut. Thank you for your advice.

    1. We wish you success in your efforts. Whatever you decide to do in business, please make sure that you are measuring your progress. If you do that, it will be easier for you to recognize when you are not making the progress you should.

  14. I think the biggest problem with small entrepreneurs today is that they can’t recognize when they themselves are in a rut, and therefore dig themselves deeper into the proverbial grave without realizing it.

    1. Yes, this is true for not just entrepreneurs, but most people. Most people can blindly put themselves into ruts from which it is difficult to escape.

  15. I think that this is very hard for some entrepreneurs. They have to deal with the uncertainty of whether their business will succeed or not. When you are stuck in a rut, it means that it is difficult for you to make and to sustain progress. This kind of situation is always a serious struggle.

    1. You have described the dilemma of being in a rut. Knowing that your amount of progress is now very little or not at all is very scary and adds more urgency.

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