If You Yearn To Be Successful, Start By Becoming Proprietary!

Chances are that you have been told that there are many ways to make money. Surf the Internet and you are certain to find tons and tons of people indicating that 

that they have discovered the best way to make money.

As far as making money in a business, some people will tell you. “There are many ways to skin a cat. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you get it done.”

Well, I always felt that it does matter how you do it! In fact, I know it should matter to the cat.

Anyway, if you are planning on making money, being a proprietary owner is critical. You see when you are proprietary, it means not just that you own the business, but you own those things around which the business is built.

The Internet has seriously clouded this reality. Many people who are spending precious money “chasing the dream”, don’t realize that if you are wanting to make serious money, you have to own the rights to whatever you are involving yourself with. Owning exclusive rights to products and services gives you incredible power.

Now, I am not against “side projects” or collaborative associations. In fact, I am quite a fan of those ideas. But, if I am going to work with someone in a business relationship, I want to work with the person who is in charge (totally in charge). Otherwise, I could potentially be wasting my time. I am sure that anyone who would consider working with one of my companies will want to know that they have my blessing on their project. Otherwise, if I don’t agree with it, I could quite easily torpedo the entire project. That is because, with respect to my activities, I am in a proprietary position. In your situation, you should be proprietary also.

The difference is that if you own, as an example, the actual copyright to an e-book (not resale rights), but the full and exclusive copyright to the e-book, you are on the right track. By being the exclusive owner of the rights to that e-book, you will then control every legal use of the book and can, if you choose, determine how that book will be promoted and how those who assist you will benefit. The power is in the ownership of the full rights.

When it comes to resale rights, they are useful in certain instances, but cannot ever, ever compare to owning and controlling the total and exclusive rights to a product. Now, having said that the next question that always comes up is “Where and how do I get these exclusive rights to an e-book or a product?”

Well, like most things, there are procedures that one must learn and apply. Is it difficult? Not really. It is just different. The key to making a lot of money is to first realize that no matter what the product or service might be that you are wanting to handle, there is a key individual or company that controls that product and service. If that individual or company is not you, then no matter what you are being offered to participate in the business, you are not in a proprietary position.

Think of it this way. Given a choice of working for yourself or working for someone else, which would you choose? You might say, “I would rather work for myself”. Fine. If that is your desire, why would you get involved in a business that you did not actually control?” When you would do that, all you really would have done is trade your old job for a new one. The difference between working at a job that you don’t control and working on a business that you don’t control is very slight. If you don’t understand this point, it would be well worth your time to figure this out.

It is definitely possible to become proprietary in business the right way. You simply need to understand the steps and the reasons behind them. It doesn’t matter what your area of business might be, there is always a way to become proprietary. Also, the time to become proprietary is at the beginning of the business activities, not later. By starting out in a proprietary position, you will have a major impact on the business from the very beginning.

The steps to becoming proprietary are quite easy to learn no matter what business areas you are interested in. Start by asking questions of those who are proprietary. If they are willing to share their expertise with you, absorb it and apply it. It will generate enormous success for you. Make a point of getting to know anyone who will assist you in your search for understanding.

Many years ago, I gained a full appreciation for proprietary positions by asking questions. You should do the same.

This article was written by SDK Hunter Consulting Group

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