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This is a special report that we hope will be very useful, enlightening and valuable in your efforts to become an entrepreneur or to expand your current business efforts.

There is no cost associated with your receiving this report.  Not only are we freely sharing this report with you, we are inviting you to also learn more from our blog.  We will  keep you aware of special opportunities that we will share with you.

The “bottom line” to our blog,  reports and strategies is to share some extremely useful facts that will help you to become an “Instant Entrepreneur”.  Please read and consider the following facts.

FACT #1: In every economy, there are thousands and thousands of businesses that are failing or nearly failing.  We describe these businesses as being “distressed”.  Some of these businesses are large enterprises and others are quite small.  These business can be both public and private.  Depending upon your personal and financial situation, your interest in the business will range from complete “takeover” to acquisition of certain assets from the business.  There is a large range of possibilities with pros and cons associated with each of them.  The importance of this is that there are opportunities.

FACT #2: Many of these businesses can be saved, if they are exposed to the proper strategy.  But, regardless of their owners’ best efforts, a great many of them will still fail.  In order for you to substantially increase your net worth, you only need to become involved in just a few of these type businesses.  There is much more opportunity available to you than you will need.  You don’t have to be limited in any manner, as there are always so many “failing” businesses that you can always locate the best business situation for you.

FACT #3: Regardless of your background, business experience, cash position or business associations – there are always “distressed” businesses that you can acquire and “turn around” if you use the proper strategy for your current personal/business  situation.

FACT #4: With each “distressed” business, there are two critical pieces of information that you will need to gather.  First, you will need to clearly understand what the current owner wants and needs to release ownership of the business and/or some of its assets (such copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc.) Secondly, you will want to know what will then be required in order for the business to be saved or “turned around”.  If you can’t handle both of those requirements, that business is NOT for you.  But, there are so many to choose from, it all comes down to techniques and strategies.

FACT #5: Our strategies will enable you to become the “owner” of proprietary products that are protected by copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc. such that you will be able to  capitalize on all of the work that the previous owner has accomplished, but also be able to avoid all of the mistakes from the past.  As the new “owner”, you will have the choice of continuing to operate or manage the resulting business or arrange for others to handle the day-to-day activities for you.  After all, at that point – you will be in charge!

FACT #6: By working closely with us, you will be shown ways to surround yourself with only the type of opportunities that fit your personality, financial needs, background and experience.  And you will also learn to surround yourself with business associates whose business skills, knowledge and goals can assist you in many ways.

My name is Sherman Hunter.  I am the founder and director of the SDK Hunter Consulting Group.  I designed this program as my way of sharing many of the strategies that I have used and observed during my many years as an entrepreneur.

My “Instant Entrepreneur” strategy will provide you with details covering very safe, practical and time-tested ways to acquire exclusive control of various proprietary products that have tremendous revenue generating potential.  This strategy does not require you to “guess” about any aspect of the process.  This strategy includes ways to accomplish all of this with and without direct investment as most people would expect.

There is no “trickery” or misrepresentations of any kind.  Everything that you will be shown is legal, ethical and will function in any type of economy.

The techniques, procedures and methods used within our strategy are very precise and are applied to a very well-defined niche.  All of the key guidelines that control these strategies are explained in detail to members of our SDK Collaborator Group.  It is important that these key details be applied as part of our collaborator program because you will be shown how to “personalize” these strategies so that they will  fit your precise needs and goals.  We consider you to now be an integral part of our SDK Collaborator Group because you are a member of our “Instant Entrepreneur” program.

The amount of “work” involved in the process can and does vary based upon what exactly you are attempting to do, but that is as it should be.  No reasonable-minded person should seriously expect to receive something of extreme value without giving something else of value in return.  However, as this strategy will show you – there are many ways to accumulate value in various forms, not just as cash.

In addition, you will be shown how to surround yourself with professional associates who can assist you to accomplish much more than you could ever do by yourself alone.  This is a complete strategy and through this special report, you will be able to learn all about it.

This report is really just the first step in the process.  But, because you now have this report, all of the other steps will also be explained to you.  For now, all that is required of you is to read our information, ask questions if and when you need to do so and the entire program will unfold before you.

You can continue to receive our free materials for as long as you wish or you can unsubscribe at any time.

Your email information will NOT be shared with anyone either directly or indirectly.  Our goal is simply to meet and interface with individuals who see usefulness and value within our strategies.

We look forward to sharing our most powerful strategies with you.


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