(Much wisdom can come from small phrases)

I love roadside slogans with short phrases such as the title above shows. There is often great wisdom in what they tell us. However, this article is about a different phrase. Yet one, which can provide a helpful focus for you and your bottom line.

Making money is a full-time effort for most people and as such it has priority in their lives. Anything that you spend most of your available time doing has to be of major importance. The phrase, “Find a need and fill it” is one of the simplest and most powerful directives for attaining profits that I have ever come across. Most people have heard the phrase and may even have quoted it from time to time, but do they truly understand how to apply it?

As simple as the phrase is, there is much insight to be gleaned from those words. For example, most people would say that the phrase means to go searching for something to sell or to buy that has profitability associated with it. While I cannot argue with that interpretation, I developed a very different view over the years.

To me, it simply says to take full advantage of the opportunities that are around you. My mother’s personal interpretation of the phrase is also quite meaningful. Her expression was, “Use what you have to get what you want”. I grew up hearing that phrase whenever there was a lack of something. If I needed money or lunch, I would likely hear that phrase, “Use what you have to get what you want”.

Amazingly, as time passed, this phrase made more and more sense to me.

Learning my way around the business world afforded me with many opportunities to apply the wisdom of that phrase. And so, I would like to share it with you. In order to make a lot of money and to do so without a lot of effort, the best way to do so is to gather the resources you have (yours and those of the people around you) and catalog them. That is the first step.

By resources, I am not speaking of money. I use the word resources to describe skills, talents, knowledge, associations, and desires. Once that has been done, I have yet to review such a list without being immediately struck with enormous opportunities within it. It actually doesn’t matter if the groups you are cataloging are close business contacts or newly discovered acquaintances. If you do this cataloging properly, opportunities will quickly appear. Once armed with the knowledge of these opportunities, it becomes much easier to extract profits from them.

As you may think, there are some shortcuts to making this happen and it is even possible to have others provide this information to you directly. The point of this is to let you know that you need not ever reach the point where you don’t have moneymaking opportunities all around you. The techniques I mention can be developed and shared with others. None of it is difficult and will work well no matter what area of business you wish to focus upon.

If you wish to apply this system, simply ask what your associates’ needs and wants are. That alone will begin the process. As you collect these statements from them, notice the similarities and the “opportunities” that will begin to develop. It is an exciting concept and one that has exposed many valuable business opportunities for me. Use it to your advantage, as you will never lose from using it. There are only positive results to be had when you use what you have to get what you want. Remember that, as I surely have.

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