You reach for the phone, dial the number and hang up after the first ring.

Your script is ready, but actually reading it over the phone is enough to make you quit before you even begin. You are talented, and you have a great product or service, but how can you grow your business, attract more clients and increase your income if you’re uncomfortable with the small talk and cold calling?

You can succeed as a marketer even if you dread cold calling, face-to-face conversations or even making small talk with potential customers.  There is a secret technique that successful marketers know and use in every successful sale effort.

Part of the secret is understanding something that is crucial to the sales process.  Without accomplishing this critical element, any marketer will most likely fail over and over again.  Without being able to accomplish this important part of the sales process,  even extroverts will not succeed in any of their marketing efforts.

What is this important secret?  It is simply that you must begin the sales process by “clearly determining” what problem or issue your potential customers believe they must resolve.  The key is not to “guess” about what their problem(s) might be but to allow them to tell you – from their lips, not yours.

You have to listen to them, not just talk to them!

In a room full of people, do what you do best and listen to the person who needs what you are selling. Ask questions instead of jumping in with what you do. Let them talk about their needs and your business will sell itself.

Create a solid website that highlights your business, product, or service. If you are unable to write your own bio, consider paying someone to do it. An experienced writer can whip up a very creative bio for only a few dollars.

If you struggle with doing certain tasks like copywriting, designing graphics, sales literature, or creating flyers, brochures, and/or business cards, then outsource those tasks.  There are many resources available to you for these important and necessary tasks.

Utilize social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Set aside some time to write a bunch of status updates.  Include links to your product or service, testimonials, or a quote from your bio and save them to review and post over time instead of working up the courage every day to sell yourself.  Focus your energy on your current clients cultivating those important one-on-one relationships.  Providing great service to your clients triggers word-of-mouth referrals which will help to promote your business naturally and effortlessly.

Self-promotion and networking don’t have to be jarring or leave you with sweaty palms and a pounding heartbeat.  It’s possible to accomplish a great deal with very little effort, once you make use of proven stress-free sales techniques.

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