What Exactly is the SDK Collaborator Group?

It is a special SDK membership composed of readers and “ACTIVE” subscribers of the SDK Consulting Group business blog. This membership has been created to assist one of our private clients to “beta-test” special software that we believe will greatly accelerate the progress of entrepreneurs and business professionals. This software is designed to perform the following tasks for members of this group:

    • Immediately assigns special code numbers and passwords to protect each member’s identity. Each member will completely control if and when any other member ever learns their real identity. A member’s identity is typically never needed by another member unless the two of them are considering entering into actual business or money-making activities which would then involve discussions, negotiations, contracts, etc.
    • Uses proprietary software algorithms to identify, track, organize, and optimize the business and money-making goals, interests, business skills, and needs of each member.
    • These developed algorithms enable the software to generate and flowchart probable collaboration paths for each member based upon their stated needs and their personal/business skills and resources. In other words, the client’s software has the capacity to provide members with likely “collaborators” who have the skills, talents, and resources necessary to accelerate their projects. All decisions are controlled by each member. The software basically points out the most likely potential member matches.
    • Members once integrated fully into all aspects of the Group, will then be able to interact with an ongoing pool of proprietary business opportunities which will be attracted by the Group’s combined activities.  These valuable opportunities will have the potential to “mesh” seamlessly into the current and future entrepreneurial plans of each member.

SDK Consulting Group has provided our private client with a methodology based upon our director’s “Personal/Portable Business” strategy that uses special collaboration techniques that dramatically accelerates revenue generation by the use of proprietary products and services.

Are there any membership fees involved?

As long as you retain your SDK Collaborator membership with us, there will be no additional fees required to become a “beta tester”.   Also, at this time, any fees involved with “beta testing” of our software will depend upon your level of involvement.  However, the owners of this special software do reserve the right to initiate some type of fee for the use of their software at some point in the future.

It is possible that once all testing has been completed and an official launch of the software is made public, new users of the software may be required to join our SDK Collaborator membership site at higher levels.

However, all SDK readers who will have participated in the “beta testing” of this software will be provided with deep discounts when the software’s public launch is finally announced.

If I join the group, what would I be expected to do?

To join the group and to participate is very easy. There is a special form that is used to gather the information needed to assist you with your business projects and/or projects you would like to locate or acquire. Once your information has been supplied, there is nothing else required unless you wish to modify the information that was supplied.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the software does depend upon the volume of information at its disposal. If you would help us to spread the word about this “beta test” to your business associates and entrepreneurs, the “beta test” will be much more productive and all of its features can be thoroughly tested. So, we do wish that you would share information about this blog and the SDK Collaboration Group with as many of your contacts as possible.

Can I promote as many projects as I may want?

Yes, there are no limits to the number of projects you can promote.

Do I have control over who participates in my projects?

Absolutely, this software will alert you to the “possibilities”, but you will be the only person who determines who can participate in your projects and what the actual terms and conditions must be.

Are there any contracts or negotiations required by the projects?

Every project that is “accelerated” by this software will be controlled by a member. The member who owns or controls the project will decide the participants and the circumstances. SDK Consulting Group will not be involved unless the project itself is controlled by SDK. As part of the “beta testing”, SDK Consulting Group may submit some projects to the special software for specific evaluation purposes, but the vast majority of all projects involved will be completely managed by members of the SDK Collaboration Group.

Am I limited by how active I can be within the group?

No, you may be as active as you wish. You are totally in control of the volume of and the level of your participation within this program.

Are all of the projects proprietary?

Most of them are likely to be proprietary in some manner because if collaborations are needed, there will become a need for someone to make decisions as to how things should be organized and structured. Usually, the person who has those responsibilities is a person who has control of the product or service that is the focus of the project itself.

Can you give me an example of why I should join the SDK Collaborator Group?

Yes, we can. First of all, when we first learned of this software package, we became quite excited because we recognized just how useful this software could be to entrepreneurs. Consider this example to see what we mean.

If you were to become aware of a product that you wish to acquire and control so that you could then introduce it into the marketplace, but you lacked the personal contacts and/or funds to do so, how would you proceed? 

And suppose that you also had a need for a copywriter, a web designer, and/or an experienced marketing manager to assist you, what would you do then?

  If you would want to be able to form a special team of associates to assist you based not just on the specific needs that you have, but also based upon the actual needs and skills of these individuals who will already have a strong interest in your project. . . then this software promises to make your business efforts a great deal easier.

 This software has the potential to present you with a series of business contacts who have the desire to assist you on terms that you would find favorable. The software also has the capacity to enable you to discuss your project ONLY with individuals who you find desirable and not have to waste time with people who cannot assist you,

 In addition, if you have the ability to share entrepreneurial information with large audiences, this software and its methodology also will provide you with several revenue-generation techniques that you can use immediately.  This software blends perfectly with special entrepreneurial techniques developed by our director, so stress-free revenue generation is a major focus of the software and all activities that are associated with it.

Does the membership permit projects that originated outside of the United States?

Yes, it does. As long as the project can be promoted freely without restrictions, it is likely to be acceptable to the membership. If any project is unacceptable, we will notify the project owner immediately.

Can I invite others to join and participate in the SDK Collaboration Group?

Yes, you may do so. In fact, we would like to strongly encourage you to share information about the SDK Collaboration Group with any businesses, associates, business professionals, and entrepreneurs that you have access to as the greater the volume of participants in our “beta testing”, the stronger and more efficient will be the results generated for the membership.

Do you know when the software will be released or publicly launched?

Actually, we do not know about that right now. We do know that the “beta testing” will likely be a “work in progress” for a period of time. It is our understanding that there is a need to have as much variety in the types of projects tested as well as the volume of projects also. It appears to us that the launch will probably not take place until the developers are satisfied with a wide variety and substantial volume of projects that have been processed by the system. So your help in this would be appreciated.


If you wish to become part of our SDK Collaboration Group, you must begin by joining our “Instant Entrepreneur” program. As part of the initial training, you will be given an opportunity to become one of our collaborators. All of our members and collaborators are exposed to the same training materials, even though many of them are much more advanced in their business knowledge and experience than others.

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