You Now Have Another Product In Your Hands!

So What Is Going To Happen Next?

You are excited to get started.  All of your market research strongly suggests that you have a winner on your hands!  So, what exactly should you do to make it all happen?

Well, as excited as you are – SLOW DOWN!!  That is really the first thing that you do.  Having a lot of excitement about the project is a good thing, but it can make you skip some important steps.  So, it is best that you approach this new project with a solid plan of action.

Here Are Some Of The Basic Steps To Get Started

  • Define Your Market Accurately – Know who your customers are
  • Create a Sales Plan
  • Determine Your Sales Goals
  • Define Your Sales Activities
  • Know Who Makes Up Your Target Accounts
  • Solidify Your Timelines
  • Begin By Establishing Your Market With End Users Before Approaching Larger Segments of Your Market.

The idea should be to develop some early experience with actual end users of your product.  This will allow you to gain some first-hand reactions to the product and give you an opportunity to make any needed improvements or adjustments and to learn more about your market and their level of acceptance of your product.  This information will be useful and important as you continue to build up and establish your markets.

Having this experience with actual end users of the product will also provide you with the opportunity to gather references and comments from your customers.  This is always a positive factor as you continue your sales activities.

Make a sincere effort to gather inputs and reactions from your personal network of business and personal contacts.  These additional selling experiences will help you as you approach one of your next likely targets – wholesalers.  Depending upon the type of product that you have, this is a logical next market for you to focus on as many of the wholesalers will be easier to approach.  You should have an easier time getting in touch with the actual decision-makers.

Continuing with this approach as you slowly move into larger and larger segments of your overall market, will provide ample opportunity to build up a history of sales results, recommendations from customers, brochures, product documentation, etc that will be helpful in gaining the attention of larger retailers.

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