You need not look very close to see the effects of the internet on global commerce.  Reaching people over the web is a key to doing business in a modern economy.  However, the way by which these patrons are reached is changing drastically — as more people purchase mobile devices.  Websites are still crucial to having online success, but they reach their full potential when paired with web apps.

Capitalizing on the Mobile Boom

Forbes estimates that there will be more than 10 billion mobile devices in use soon.  Apple and Android products make up for most of these devices, and adding a web app to both of these platforms gives a business nearly unlimited clientele. The offer of a free app garners people’s attention far better than a web address or a business card. In fact, most people will instantly download the app as soon as prompted — giving them unlimited access to the company.

Solutions for a Busy World

People on the go are far more likely to use a web app than they are to open a web browser. Web apps allow customers to check schedules, place orders and even make payments to a particular company.  Apps give business owners unprecedented marketing potential, because they’re easier to use than typical websites. The touch screen capability of smart devices can make selections substantially faster than a computer keyboard. The mobile revolution is the fastest growing aspect of digital marketing and any campaign able to employ Android and Apple apps will help a business to thrive.

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