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SDK Hunter LLC is about to release its powerful and long-awaited strategy family known as

“Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs!”

Cornucopia Family of Strategy Programs

Our “Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs” is an integrated family of time-tested concepts, principles, and proven business strategies

The SDK Hunter Cornucopia Strategy is a unique business strategy.  It will surround you with high-quality business opportunities and serious, capable associates.  We chose the word, “Cornucopia” as a name for our strategy because, when it is properly applied, it produces an endless stream of business opportunities for you to review.

This strategy is an integrated group of concepts, techniques and principles that were developed as an outgrowth of another powerful business concept used heavily prior to  the existence of the Internet. 

Our business philosophy states, “To maximize your potential for business success, you should own and/or control the products and services that you use to generate income.”  This means that you should have exclusive proprietary control of your products. 

But how can you gain such control if you have limited resources, experience, and no associates?  Well, our program provides answers that will fit your personal situation. 

No one strategy will be perfect for everybody, but Cornucopia Strategy will explain how you can “Use what you have to get what you want.”  That means that regardless of your personal circumstances, you can still develop a personal roadmap to reach your goals.   

Our strategy reveals concepts, techniques, and systems to search for, locate, evaluate, and acquire exclusive ownership of valuable products and services. This is a proven strategy that can help focused and serious entrepreneurs to accelerate their efforts.




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  • Protect your privacy while seeking prospective associates.

Cornucopia Strategy allows you to promote your business without revealing your personal information. This can be a major benefit for entrepreneurs who are concerned about protecting their privacy and/or are not yet well-established in the business world.

  • Promote your business to an expanding audience.

Our program gives you continuous access to a large and ever-growing audience of potential associates and partners. This exposure can help you to reach a wider audience for your business.

  • Never receive a single rejection from any prospect.

Cornucopia Strategy uses a unique interaction system that eliminates the possibility of rejection. This can help you to save time, reduce frustration, and remain focused on growing your business.

  • Easily share your best offers with our audience.

Our “Opportunity/Collaboration” Bulletin makes it easy to share your best offers with your targeted audience. This will help you to attract the best associates to assist you in generating leads and ongoing sales.

  • Never have to send out emails to find new prospects.

Cornucopia Strategy uses a unique system that automatically finds new prospects for you. This saves you time and effort.

  • Be able to promote your business on a “level playing field.”

It is critical to be able to expose yourself to more resources and opportunities, regardless of your business size or budget. Doing so can help you to level the playing field and compete more strongly.

  • Be able to “vet” and pre-qualify your new associates.

Our “Opportunity/Collaboration” Bulletin will permit you to begin the vetting process so that you can pre-qualify your prospective associates before you actually begin new relationships. This prevents you from wasting time interacting with unqualified or unprepared contacts.

  • Never worry about spamming anyone.

Your actual promotions are internal within our community.  Therefore, Cornucopia Strategy uses a unique system such that you do not have to chase anyone or take any risks of spamming them.  You cannot spam anyone because you do not ever have to directly contact anyone. This feature alone will help you to protect your business reputation by eliminating unnecessary communications or problems.

  • Gain increased visibility: When you share your knowledge, expertise, and resources with others, you increase your visibility to potential customers and partners.  Within our community, you can effectively increase your value and credibility just by helping others.
  • Make progress with “limited resources or experience.”

Cornucopia Strategy is designed to be easy to learn and apply, even if you have limited resources or experience. You will be able to start or expand your business in a way that is best for your situation.

  • Start, Pause, Stop, or Restart your promotions at any time.

Our “Opportunity/Collaboration” Bulletin provides you with complete and exclusive control over your promotions. This means that only you can start, pause, stop, or restart your promotions whenever you want.

  • Be Confident that your offers are always fairly promoted.

Cornucopia Strategy uses a unique system that ensures that your offers are always being fairly promoted. This will help you to receive the best results possible from all of your community activities.

  • Identify potential business partners or associates.

Our strategies can help you to attract potential business partners or associates who can help you to grow your business.  The best partners or associates are those that can effectively relate to your business needs and assist you in resolving your business problems.

  • Learn powerful strategies that you can use immediately.

Cornucopia Strategy consists of a mixture of nearly a dozen distinct concepts and powerful strategies that have been integrated in a special manner so you can use them to start or grow your business.

  • Gain access to a constant stream of business opportunities.

Cornucopia Strategy exposes you to a constant stream of business opportunities and moneymaking ideas. By interacting with other energetic entrepreneurs, you will learn about different opportunities and products that they are using to expand and diversify their business activities.

  • Build a personal team of associates to assist you.

Our strategies can help you to accelerate your networking skills.  You will be able to build your personal team of qualified associates who will be ready to assist you with your various business needs.

  • Seek, find, and review businesses that are perfect for you.

When you begin applying our concepts and strategies, you will learn how to recognize when a business opportunity is right for you and know if you are right for the opportunity.

  • Expand your business with less mental stress and uncertainty.

Cornucopia Strategy provides you with a wonderful way to begin expanding your business with less effort, less stress, and less worry.  When you apply our strategies, you should be less detracted, more focused, and fully excited about the speed of your progress.

  • Become a member of a privileged group of entrepreneurs.

Our invitation to join us provides you with an open invitation to become a member of a privileged group of entrepreneurs who are committed to helping each other succeed and prosper quickly.

  • Apply your skills, knowledge, and talents to make progress.

There is immense value gained when you help others by using your skills, knowledge, and talents.  When you do so, the reciprocal effect will bring even greater benefits back to you, especially after community members learn about how you have assisted others.

  • Build much stronger relationships. When you are being helped by others as you also help them, you build stronger relationships. These strongly developed working relationships are invaluable in business.
  • Receive “private” strategy coaching when you need it.

Cornucopia Strategy includes a private coaching program that can help you to get the most out of the strategy.

  • Never have to deliver an “elevator speech” to anyone.

Cornucopia Strategy gives you a unique and private way to introduce yourself to potential associates and partners. This allows you to remove the stress of trying to make a proper first impression.

  • Promote freely without your competition watching.

By using our proprietary software system, you are able to promote your business without your competition watching. This helps you to gain and retain an additional advantage over your competitors.

  • Enhance your credibility. Whenever you can demonstrate your value to your associates, you also enhance your credibility and make it more likely that they will want to do business with you.
  • Have your prospects chase you – not you chase them.

Share your knowledge, expertise, and resources with others, you become a valuable resource to them. They are then more likely to come back to you when they need help with their businesses.

  • Promote your business needs as often as you wish.

A major benefit of our “Cornucopia Strategy” is helping you to attract solutions freely and easily for your business needs. Promote as much as you want.

  • You no longer need to monitor your offers to keep them activated.

When you use the Cornucopia Strategy, your offers can remain active for as long as you wish. This is because our software monitors and reports all of your offer activities directly to you.

  • Enjoy ALL of these benefits without spending any money. 

Our “Passive” Cornucopia Strategy is a free strategy for members of our community. This means that you can use it to grow your business without spending any money.

The SDK Hunter Cornucopia Strategy is a unique business strategy that helps entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and achieve their goals. It is based on the principles of collaboration and community, and it provides entrepreneurs with concepts to obtain the resources they need to succeed.

If you are an entrepreneur, we encourage you to learn more about the Cornucopia Strategy. It is a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals.

Here are a few more details about the benefits of Cornucopia Strategy:

  • Increased opportunities for collaboration:

When entrepreneurs work together, they can pool their resources and expertise to achieve more than they could on their own. This can lead to new business opportunities, increased sales, and improved efficiency.

For example, one entrepreneur might have a great idea for a new product, but they lack the resources to bring it to market. Another entrepreneur might have the resources, but they lack the idea. By working together, these two entrepreneurs can bring the product to market and create a win-win situation for both of them.

  • Belonging to a stronger community.

The Cornucopia Strategy provides entrepreneurs with a platform to connect with other entrepreneurs and build relationships. These relationships can be invaluable in terms of providing support, advice, and referrals.

For example, if an entrepreneur is facing a challenge, they can reach out to their network of fellow entrepreneurs for advice and support. This can help them to overcome the challenge and move their business forward.

  • Having more access to resources.

The Cornucopia Strategy provides entrepreneurs with access to a wide range of resources, including knowledge, expertise, and financial support. This can help entrepreneurs to overcome challenges and grow their businesses.

For example, an entrepreneur might need access to financial resources to start or grow their business. The Cornucopia Strategy can help them to connect with investors or lenders who can provide the funding they need.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, we encourage you to learn more about our Cornucopia Strategy. It is a powerful program that can help you to solve business problems more effectively, gain access to valuable associates and more opportunities. 




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