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Have you ever stopped to think about the thousands of people just in your area of the world who are insatiably creative? These are people who have to make changes to everything around them.

These people play a major role in the continual advancements in the world. It is because of their insight, dedication, and talent that new and improved products appear. Not only do these people contribute to new and improved products, but also they are active in all phases of our lives from agriculture to zoology. In all areas of our lives, creative people have made and will continue to make very important contributions.

These people are termed inventive or ingenious because of their ability to see what most of the rest of us never see – that is how to take something and make it better. It is almost as if they have an extra “eye” that allows them to see what we usually don’t.

When you consider the millions of people throughout the world who have this intense desire to invent, improve, and create, there are plenty of opportunities available.

So what is the point of this article? Simply put, even though there are many successes generated by these creative people, there are even more “near-successes” produced.

In addition to the “near successes”, you can be sure that there are some major failures too. As you must already know, not every idea is a good one. So, there are many instances where the creative person fails to achieve what they set out to do. Oftentimes, they are distracted by another project that they begin to work on. Other times, they simply lack the insight to understand how to properly complete their projects. Still other times, they may simply have created a poor marketing plan. The reasons are as limitless as the projects themselves. But, you can still generate enormous amounts of money if you can appreciate this kind of “hidden” opportunity.

What happens to a project that a creative person begins but never finishes? Those projects that are the most interesting to me are the projects that were completed, but never marketed or marketed very little. There is incredible moneymaking potential in these types of situations.

You can make a great deal of money if you understand how to bring a particular project to a successful conclusion. Here is an example to help you understand.

GolfersAWhile flipping through a golf magazine one day many years ago, I noticed a half-page ad describing a beautiful fishing lure. This lure was beautiful in every way. It was extremely well designed. The ad copy and the graphics both were very well done. In addition, the price was reasonable. I stared at the ad for quite some time. I was puzzled as to why the ad was in that magazine. After all, it was a golf magazine.

I jotted down the address and phone number provided in the ad. I just had to find out more about this product.

A few days later, I was able to track down the owner of the fishing lure. He was a very nice, well-spoken man who confessed to being “up in age”. I told him why I was calling and wondered if he would be so kind as to answer a few questions about his lure.

He agreed quite readily and we had a wonderful chat. As our conversation came to an end, he confessed that he was not marketing the fishing lure anymore. He had given up on the project. He said that all of his close friends have been praising the way the lure works, but he figures they are telling him that because they are his friends. This information made me remember why I had wanted to call him in the first place.

I had to ask the one question that had been burning in my brain since I first saw the ad.

Group Of Men FishingA“Sir, please explain to me one last thing,” I asked. “Why did you choose to place that ad in a golfing magazine?” His answer still rings in my head even though this conversation took place quite a number of years ago.

He said, “Young man, that is an excellent question. I didn’t get any orders from that ad and it has been bothering me a great deal. But, to answer your question, I wanted to be really smart about how I market the lure. I spent a lot of money producing it. Damn near spent all of what was left on the ad too. As I told you, my friends love the lure. They think it is the best thing since popcorn, but I lost a lot of money on the darn thing and I don’t understand why.” I interrupted him to say, “I am very sorry that happened to you, but why the golf magazine?”

“Oh yes, the golf magazine. As I said, I wanted to be smart about this. So I did a bit of research first. I noticed that the two biggest sports for my friends and me are golf and fishing. When we are fishing, we talk about golf. Then when we are playing golf, we are talking about our fishing trips. So if I wanted to find people who would be interested in my fishing lure, it made sense to advertise in a golf magazine. And that is what I did.”

So, here was a clear opportunity for a “near-success”. By offering to assist this man with his fishing lure project, a golden moneymaking opportunity was created. Because of the difficulties that he had experienced, he was actually prepared to throw the lure project away and never look at it again. A business proposal to assist him and share income or profits with him would have been very well received by him – because to him, the lure was garbage now. But to someone who truly understands, this project is a wonderful moneymaking opportunity.

Garbage to some is truly “LUNCH” to others.

This article was written by SDK Hunter Consulting Group

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Sherman Hunter and SDK Hunter Consulting Group staff consultants provide global moneymaking opportunities and proprietary strategies that quickly accelerate business activity. You may familiarize yourself with these unique concepts by visiting the SDK Hunter Consulting Group blog located at:  https://sdkhunter.com

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