Would You Be Surprised To Learn That Having A Successful Business Can Also Bring A Huge Amount Of Additional Stress Into Your Life?

When you feel that you have too much “on your plate”, you are likely to be correct.

But, the next important question to tackle is why?

Many factors come into play when you take a serious look at exactly why you are too busy. But, be warned – When you begin searching for answers, you will find them and then you have to be prepared to take action or things will only become worse!

Here are some typical possibilities that you might consider:

  • There are incompetent people pretending to do their jobs.
  • You do not have enough “hands” to accomplish the required tasks.
  • Your workloads are being poorly managed and assigned.
  • Your business is not structured correctly to function efficiently.
  • There are “wasted minutes” throughout the work week.
  • Multiple admin errors are being committed on a frequent basis and not detected.
  • There is a gross “cover-up” within your staff and critical info is being hidden from you.
  • There is inadequate and/or poor communications among your staff members.
  • Set aside definite time to “unwind” and relax so that you enable yourself to recharge.
  • Work is not being prioritized and completed in a priority basis.
  • There are insufficient delegations of certain tasks, so they should be investigated.
  • Monitor the time it takes to complete tasks and verify that there are no issues there.
  • Critical checklists are not being maintained and used to reduce errors.
  • Someone is agreeing to handle more work than they are capable of managing.

The truly successful business person realizes that business success is much more than just accumulating cash flow and expanding their business efforts. It is just as critical to accomplish those goals and others while not creating other issues such as personal illness, family dysfunctions, depressions, etc.

A successful business should also enable you to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle as well.

This article was written by SDK Hunter Consulting Group

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