Even "perfect" people are not always perfect for every team!

Now, with that being said – Imperfect people certainly CANNOT be expected to get along well in all situations.

What can you do to avoid a serious clash within your team?

Some potential clashes between team members are as predictable as “Old Faithful”.  However, it is best to take precautions even before the formation of the team actually begins.

Start the process by thinking of what you definitely DO NOT want from your team members.  Some managers focus too much on the skills and talents required for the tasks at hand.  All of that is clearly important, but only if the work required occurs without serious conflicts and disruptions.

So here are some “telltale” signs that should be warnings to you:

  • Do most people seem not to enjoy being around him or her?
  • Are they fresh out of new ideas – appear stuck in the past?
  • Do they have negative attitudes about ideas that are more than their own?
  • Are they known for oftentimes not keeping promises they made?
  • Do they usually wait until the last minute to attack an assignment?
  • Have you never heard them encourage another person?
  • Are they eager to take personal credit for a job well done, even when others were involved?
  • Are they easily discouraged by setbacks and require a lot of motivation to overcome them?
  • Do they openly resist challenges from other team members?
  • Do they prefer to work alone even when a team effort is required?
  • Do they insist on having the team try their ideas first?
  • In social settings, when they enter a room, does it feel to everybody as if someone has just left?
  • Are they never or seldom willing to take on more work to help out others?

Consider each potential team member for who they are as much as what skills they have.  They will bring all of their abilities as well as all of their faults to your team.

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