Whose Opinions Mean More To You?

ObstacleSignAWhen You Are Not Making The Progress That You Should, Who Can Motivate You To Get Moving  Again?

Everybody needs some level of motivation from time to time.  Often, just the mere thought of accomplishing something that you have always wanted to do is enough.  But, oftentimes it can be so difficult to get started that even a locomotive couldn’t pull you out of your favorite chair. 

You see, there are many reasons that can motivate each of us and unfortunately, there are just as many – perhaps even more reasons that can stop us from taking action.  In our conversations with clients and subscribers, generally the strongest motivation is simply the realization that more time is never promised to any of us.  So, if you are hesitating about completing a particular goal,  just considering that you might be running out of time can oftentimes do the trick.

But, in many situations, the obstacle is simply the opinions of those around you.  We are surrounded by people who have opinions and who are extremely eager to share them with you.  So, since we all are inundated by opinions, a proper question might be just how are they all affecting you?  Are the people around you deciding what you should do or not do?  Does your personal opinion carry any weight with them or even with you?

Do you sometimes find yourself waiting for the approval of others before taking action?  Do you ever think about how strongly some people will respond to another person’s opinion even if in ridiculous situations where differing opinions should not be of any real importance?  Consider situations  where one group of sports fans will confront and/or physically attack another sports fan for wearing the opposing team’s jacket or cap.  Opinions are very powerful to many!

As an entrepreneur or business person, you have to maintain a certain level of control over how you make your business decisions.  After all, you are the person who is responsible for the success of the business.  And, if you take the wrong advice from someone, you will also be the person who will receive the blame for a failed business.

Entertaining the opinions of others is a very wise habit to cultivate.  Our thoughts are that you cannot place more value on the opinions of others than you do upon your own opinions.  If by considering and evaluating outside opinions, your understanding of a situation is enhanced or if you come to realize an error in your judgement, then that is a positive sign of growth and maturation within your profession. Listening to the opinions of others can be useful.

But, at the end of the day and after all has been said and done, the bottom line in all of this is that you must keep your business moving forward.  For your business to grow properly, you have to focus on doing whatever it takes for growth to occur.  That is our opinion.

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