Do You Know Why Fish Are Never Thirsty”?

Seven Rules for Making Money with Product Opportunities

When you have no business ideas and no startup ideas, it becomes necessary to think about locating business opportunities.  Here are our best suggestions to help you.

I developed a strong interest in product marketing only after having spent ten-plus years in engineering. Needless to say, I had to begin from the bottom.

When you have no business or startup ideas, then search for opportunities!

Without business ideas and no startup ideas, I had to search for opportunities.  This thought was fixed in my mind from the beginning.  I wanted to surround myself with a lot of opportunities.  But, at that time, I had no idea what else I could do.  I needed to find a lot of opportunities!

To use a simple analogy, It was like fishing somewhere without knowing where the “best fishing spots” are.

Faced with the fact that I had no business ideas, I knew that I needed to attract new ideas to me.  If I were actually fishing, I would want to locate large “schools of fish” because everything would be easier.

So, in my case, I chose to attract lots of business opportunities.

Well, because of my engineering background, I eventually discovered a practical method that created the “fishing net” that I needed.

My approach to product marketing was to first look for a “systematic” approach. Once I began locating fresh business opportunities, everything became much more fun.

Even when you have no ideas, you can have opportunities

Rule One: Own or control the proprietary rights to products that you can market yourself or have others do so for you.

By proprietary rights, I am describing ownership of copyrights, if we refer to book properties, software, music, videos, etc. Then, to discuss manufactured products, ownership involves patent rights.

The most important rule is that you should exclusively own the product rights when possible. If not, you should control 51% of the product rights.

There are always thousands of “distressed” products available on the open market.  Remember that even when you have no startup ideas yourself, many others possess useful ideas that are readily available to you now.  The key is knowing how to locate them.

In many situations, the creators of these products will have exhausted themselves trying to market their items. So, if you have no business or startup ideas, you can always focus on reviewing current and/or past valuable business opportunities.  Once you understand how to locate, identify and evaluate these situations, you can then learn how to gain control and profit from many of them.

Our strategies apply safe, practical methods to help you benefit from knowing about the availability of certain business opportunities. You can potentially acquire exclusive rights to them using very powerful, low-cost methods.

Having Access Is Not Control

Now, within the strategies that I developed, there is a difference between possessing the product and controlling it. To own the rights to a product is best, but if you have solid control of the marketing campaign in the right way, you can still succeed. You can become successful in either case.   It just comes down to a matter of personal skills and/or preferences.

In my case, I preferred to own product rights. That allowed me to make all the critical decisions necessary to grow the business. Without these rights, I would have to limit my wishes to plans that someone else created.  I would never be very comfortable doing that.

So, whenever you see a way to make progress and make money with your own products, you should follow it.

Rule Two: You must be able to organize the marketing campaign completely by yourself or by working with others.

The second rule is that it doesn’t matter if you own the rights to a product if you don’t also have the resources to make the product successful. Either you need to have the personal skills and resources necessary or be in a position to arrange for others who have the skills and resources to assist you.

Make Progress By Properly Leveraging Yourself

Rule Three: Network properly to be able to maintain the right kinds of associates and other contacts who can assist you as needed

Simply put, the third rule is that you must know how to “network” properly. That is, you must develop the ability to gather around you those people who can best help you while you help them in return. And, once you have met these great people, you must have a method for keeping them involved with you.

Rule Four: Treat your associates fairly and properly – Build long-term relationships

When you require the assistance of others, it is good to know that they are willing to help you because there is already a solid relationship in place. It is well worth the time it takes to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with individuals and companies willing to work with you. Because you own the rights to the products, you are able to “cut deals” in a variety of ways. When you are in this position, you can definitely make your associates happy and contented to work with you. This is a very important factor in your ultimate success.

Never Allow Yourself To Fall In “Love” With Just One Product

Rule Five: Never fall in love with any one product – Be always ready for the next one.

It is important to design the way that you operate your activities so that you have a lot of free time. Free time is important not just so that you can relax and enjoy your successes, but it is also important so that you can have time to evaluate and acquire other products or business situations. With the proper amount of free time, the next rule becomes easy to follow.

Rule Six: Constantly be on the lookout for new products and opportunities to own.

Constantly Build Up Your List Of Business Associates

Rule Seven: Maintain a close relationship with other marketing people who will help you to find new opportunities and with whom you can also return the favor.

In this context, product marketing becomes very systematic because you will be surrounded by product opportunities within a very short amount of time. If you are really serious about having a lot of opportunities around you, then you should develop a close relationship with other individuals who also enjoy locating opportunities. The large effect of doing this is that you will literally become surrounded by opportunities, which is the whole idea. Once you are surrounded by opportunities, you will never find it difficult to satisfy your need for an opportunity. You can simply select the next best opportunity for the moment and press on. When you are surrounded by good, solid moneymaking opportunities, it is easy to make money and profits.

You see that is the key to it all. Surround yourself constantly with opportunities so that you always can make more money

Fish are never thirsty because they are always surrounded by water.

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