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An Economic Crisis Can Sneak Up On Us At Any Time, So When It Begins To Form - Just How Quickly Will You Know That It Is Near?

Here Are 12 Important Indicators To Look Out For!


  • Are You Noticing Less Sales And Fewer Customers?
  • Are You Hearing Reports Of Much Higher Credit Card Debts?
  • Are Utility Costs Rising Compared To Previous Years?
  • Have There Been Reports Of Slower Cash Flows Lately?
  • Are There Any Reports With Increases In Bankruptcies?
  • Are You Hearing About Staff Reductions Or Layoffs?
  • Are You Concerned About Reductions In Employee Benefits?
  • Do You Hear Anything About Credit Ratings Dropping?
  • Are you Considering Reductions To Your Marketing Efforts?
  • Have You Noticed That Advertising Costs Are Being Increased?
  • Any Reports About A Possible Slowdown In Manufacturing?
  • Any Chance That Manufacturers Are Cutting Down On Quality?

Remain alert and vigilant as there are many factors that are outside of your control.  Your best option is to anticipate a crisis and prepare in advance as best you can.  You do control your business activities and just how well you manage them. 

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