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SDKOfficeStaffBSDK Hunter Consulting Group is led by our founder and director, Sherman Hunter who,  over a 30 plus year period,  has accumulated a very broad and diversified consulting background in career areas ranging from engineering to entrepreneurship with substantial periods of corporate management experiences as well.

Consulting Was A Natural Result Of His Initial Training

Mr. Hunter’s initial career was as an applied research and development engineer for a major Fortune 500 company.  For a period of over ten years, he was exposed to a myriad of complex challenges as a member of an elite team of consulting engineers responsible for identifying, diagnosing and solving critical issues which oftentimes simultaneously affected multiple departments, workforce requirements and management decisions.

It was during this decade of his engineering career that he saw first hand the importance of nurturing collaboration among individuals. He realized that, via collaboration, you can oftentimes quickly reach mutually satisfactory results even while in the midst of very stressful circumstances and different priorities.

Taking Consulting To A Totally Different Level

Although well-trained as an engineer, when our director made a decision to move into the area of entrepreneurship, a wild and uncharted world awaited him.  He quickly found himself in an area that was completely foreign to him and there was very little in his background that offered hope for a solution any time soon.

Luckily, he realized his ineptness regarding entrepreneurship quickly and while still maintaining his engineering consulting efforts, he began a very serious search for business people willing to share their knowledge with him.  It was not easy and it took some effort, but he did eventually meet someone who was willing to help him.

It was during this period of searching, that our director met his mentor.  He met a very wealthy and successful, self-made businessman who had written extremely powerful entrepreneurial training materials.  Our director studied these materials and found that they provided him with a clear path toward his new goals.

As is often the case, both of them had needs that could be satisfied by the other and thus, a collaboration began that lasted for many years,

It was during this nearly twenty year period during which our director interfaced with struggling and budding entrepreneurs on a near constant basis such that he found himself drawn into a passionate search for easier and more direct strategies to assist in the teaching of entrepreneurship.

SDK Hunter Consulting Group is composed of a team of business owners, entrepreneurs, writers and consultants.  Our team’s services, skills and expertise are regularly called upon to function as a collaborative team to assist our clients, associates or business contacts.  As we handle many assignments on a project by project basis, we are also working diligently to share entrepreneurial techniques and strategies with our blog subscribers who wish to learn them.

SPECIAL NOTICE: We will sometimes recommend products and also accept product advertisements believing that you may find them useful in your entrepreneurial activities.

Please only purchase those products that you believe will be valuable for your business efforts. Some of these products may compensate us for their ads and/or may have affiliate links.  In the case of affiliate products, if you do decide to purchase them, we will earn a commission from those sales.

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