Our Consultation Services Are Needs Based

consultantsAOur consultation services are varied across several areas.  The primary focus is in the areas of publishing, product marketing and small business consulting.

We are also involved in entrepreneurial consultation as many of our clients are executives, technical professionals and other highly trained individuals who have recently developed budding interests in acquiring business ownerships.  Sometimes, we are given assignments involving  team building within certain predetermined guidelines.  These are mostly project-based consultations where there is a definite product or service involved.

Not all of our services are fee-based.   We are willing to consider participation in certain projects in lieu of consultation fees.  In other situations, our approach may be to refer you to associates or other business professionals.  In such instances, this is done because we feel that these companies or individuals have stronger interests, expertise, skills or resources that would serve you better.

Every project is handled on a case-by-case basis.  Although our goal is to help all of our readers and subscribers in every way possible, we are not always able to handle all of the requests.  If we are not able to handle your request, we will automatically reach out to other companies or associates within our close circle of acquaintances,  if you request us to do so.


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