SDK Hunter LLC Manages Our Specialized Training And Strategic Consultation Services.  Our Software Services Are Integrated with Our eAllianceMaker Strategy which encourages bootstrapping startups.

Collaboration Is Central To Our  Business Strategies.  Our Consultation Services Uses  Collaborations Coupled with Business Bootstrapping  Methods.

Our “Bootstrapping Entrepreneur” Software System is now in Beta Testing – Please watch this page for updates/ launch.  

We are accepting a limited number of entrepreneurs to participate in our “prelaunch/beta testing” activities – For details on our launch or waiting list, listen to our podcast.

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Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs

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"Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs" will provide you with extremely powerful new software-based strategies.

Learn how to satisfy your business "needs" and "wants" via low-risk, stress-free bootstrapping techniques.


 “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”  –    Mother Teresa
 My name is Sherman Hunter. I am the director of SDK Hunter Consulting Group.  We have developed a unique business bootstrapping tool.  This tool  connects business owners and entrepreneurs who relate to our unusual business startup strategy.

My goal is to share this unusual business philosophy and strategy. From my experience, this strategy has tremendous potential.   It also meshes well with your personal philosophy, values and principles.

After graduate school, I spent over ten years as an engineer.  However, during that time, I also developed  interests and curiosity about business and marketing.

Eventually, I met an extremely successful entrepreneur whose business strategies totally fascinated me. After having studied and applied his various strategies for over a year, I decided to leave engineering to become an entrepreneur. My mentor and I enjoyed a 14 year partnership.  During this time, he coached and guided me to a deeper understanding of his business methodology. In return, I applied my consulting, analytical and computer skills to assist him in managing several of his other companies.

As a result of this incredible relationship, I had the rare opportunity to daily observe how a business “genius” created and acquired businesses. The more I observed him, the more I learned from him. During those years, because of my relationship with him, I met many very successful entrepreneurs.  I also met many others who never quite made it. These powerful and personal interactions taught me a great deal.  Altogether, I learned about myself, success, dreams, relationships, determination and also failures. Out of this, my software startup strategies were formed.

Because of the many entrepreneurial struggles I witnessed, I worked to design and develop software systems that could use pivotal data as catalysts for collaboration among business owners and entrepreneurs.

This blog is an “open door” through which I freely share valuable experiences, insights, teachings, concepts, and strategies with my clients, associates, acquaintances and business contacts.

I wish to share what I learned as a way to “pay it forward” to whomever finds valuable and useful content within my materials.

Over the years, I have worn many hats and have walked in many shoes. I’ve enjoyed successes and suffered failures. But, along the way, I collected many very deep and powerful truths that directly relate to the personal success of entrepreneurs.

If you receive value from my materials, please “pay it forward” by sharing my messages with others.

Share our websites with your business associates and other entrepreneurs. Our goals are simple and straightforward, yet are extremely effective. Your current business skills, talents, knowledge and experiences can be useful and valuable to others who need them.

In very simple phrases, our basic approach can be summed up as follows: “Use What You Have To Get What You  Want, But Do So By Finding A Need And Filling It!”

Our blogs will provide you with information, strategies, business contacts, recommendations and opportunities to reveal the incredible business potential that is available to you whenever you apply our unique strategies. 

We focus upon assisting entrepreneurs to discover the “simplicity of entrepreneurship success” via practical, easy to use collaborative strategies. There is great power in collaboration!

Whether in sports activities, building construction and even corporate business, teamwork is nearly always more productive than working totally alone!

I can assure you that even though you and I have likely never met, we have a tremendous amount in common.  I know this because of the thousands of people over the years that I have talked with by correspondence, phone,  at seminars or in personal meetings, I have yet to meet someone who did not share a number of similar experiences, dreams, wishes, problems, fears or goals that are closely linked to my very own. 

I have learned that collaboration is critical to providing your best chance of reaching  success.  


SDK Hunter Consulting Group is led by our founder and director, Sherman Hunter who,  over a 35 plus year period,  accumulated a very broad and diversified consulting background.  His  career areas ranged from mechanical engineering to entrepreneurship with substantial periods of IT corporate management experiences as well.

Consulting Was A Natural Result Based On His Initial Training

Mr. Hunter’s initial career was as an applied research and development engineer.  He worked for a major Fortune 500 company.  For over ten years, he was exposed to a myriad of complex engineering challenges.   He was a member of an elite team of consulting engineers.  His team was tasked with identifying, diagnosing and solving critical problems.  Oftentimes, these problems  simultaneously affected multiple departments, were constrained by workforce restrictions and  management decisions.

His engineering career taught him  the importance of nurturing collaboration among individuals. He realized that, via collaboration, you can oftentimes quickly reach mutually satisfactory results.  Collaboration encourages solutions even in the midst of stressful circumstances and opposing priorities.

Taking Consulting To A Totally Different Level

Although well-trained as an engineer, when our director moved into the area of entrepreneurship, a wild and uncharted world awaited him.  He found himself in an area completely foreign to him. For some time, very little in his background offered him hope for practical solutions.

Luckily, he realized his initial ineptness in entrepreneurship quickly.  So, while continuing his engineering consulting efforts, he  searched for business people willing to share their knowledge.  It was not easy and it took some effort, but he did eventually meet someone willing to coach him.

Our director met a wealthy and successful, self-made businessman who became his mentor and later his partner.  His mentor had written extremely powerful entrepreneurial training materials.  Our director studied these materials.  They provided him with a clear path toward his newly acquired business goals.

As is often the case, our director and his mentor had needs that could best be satisfied by the other. And thus, their collaboration began and lasted for many years,

During this time, our director interfaced with both struggling and budding entrepreneurs continuingly.  These interactions drew him into a passionate search for easier and more direct strategies that would assist serious entrepreneurs.

SDK Hunter Consulting Group is composed of a cooperative team of business owners, entrepreneurs, writers and consultants.  Our team’s services, skills and expertise are regularly called upon to function as a collaborative team.   Our goal is to essentially be a catalyst that helps our clients, associates or business contacts to collaborate with each other.  The projects involved are handled by each team member and are not associated with SDK Hunter Consulting Group.

We focus mainly on the development of business tools that can be useful in implementing our low-risk business startup strategies.   Some of our efforts focus upon identifying businesses that can benefit from our special strategies.  We are also working diligently to share entrepreneurial techniques and strategies with our blog subscribers as well.

SPECIAL NOTICE: We may sometimes offer or recommend products believing that our subscribers may find them useful in their entrepreneurial activities.

Only purchase those products that you believe will be valuable for your business efforts. Some of these products may compensate us for their ads and/or may have affiliate links.  In the case of affiliate products, if you do decide to purchase them, we may earn a commission from those sales.

Although the vast percentage of the materials that we will share are the result of our director’s personal experiences,  we do seek to share the wisdom of others as often as possible.

Our materials are focused upon low-risk startup strategy that applies bootstrapping techniques to your business activities.  

Bootstrapping can be very challenging in addition to usual stresses of business.  Our approach is to develop a plan of action that respects your personal needs and circumstance.





Welcome to the SDK Hunter Consulting Group!

“Whether we are in the midst of  good times or bad times, your business can always prosper whenever it is supplied with the “right” opportunities. Our strategy can constantly surround you with all of the opportunities you need. – and yet you will always be in total control of this very powerful and personal process.”   -SDK Hunter Consulting Group


Here Is Why Our Strategy Will Help Your Business Planning

Our strategy works really well as it is “personalized”. It is designed to help you to accommodate your needs. Just as no two individuals are the same, businesses are likewise unique onto themselves. 

We understand that a “cookie cutter” approach cannot work for each and every situation. 

Our very unusual strategy absolutely guarantees that your needs and wants are given top level priority.

It Is Extremely Easy To Fully Evaluate Our Strategy

  • Begin by subscribing to our blog plus our special other business software
  • Review our free report on “Bootstrapping”.
  • We share examples of how our strategy works
  • Note: No Confidential Info Is Required From You
  • You will be sent strategy details on our business philosophy to review
  • We will  disclose how the strategy was developed
  • Our director will share more about his unusual background, experience  and accomplishments
  • Learn why this strategy can quickly accelerate your business progress
  • Use our help to design your very own “personal” business strategy
  • Schedule 1-on-1 phone or online personal or group consulting chats and meeting sessions
  • Receive both written and audio materials for your evaluations and trainings
  • Attend webinars and workshops hosted by our director
  • We provide these useful and valuable materials so you can carefully and properly review, study or evaluate our strategy

Learn More About Our “The Bootstrapping Entrepreneur” and our eAllianceMaker Strategies By Clicking The Request Offer At The Top Of Our Page. You Can Read , Review and Use Our Materials With All Devices. However, We Recommend Using Desktops To More Effectively Enjoy Our Opportunity/Collaboration Bulletin. 

NOTE: The underlying principles within these strategies are not entirely new nor totally unknown.   Many of them, when reviewed,  are loaded with what can be described as “common sense”.  

The importance of our many strategies is in their valuable usages for critical entrepreneurial problem-solving.  The philosophy of our strategy can be stated as “Struggle alone or Win with others”.

So, we invite you to join with us as we provide our thoughts, ideas and strategies. 

Please share your entrepreneurial needs with us. We can all continue to experience the amazing power of collaboration!

The value of teamwork should never be overlooked nor neglected.  Long ago, we realized that the key to long-term business success is being able to work cooperatively with others.

In order for you to maximize your business progress, you will benefit most by leveraging yourself via the skills, talents, knowledge and experiences of others.

Our techniques, strategies and software helps you to locate  others who have similar goals to yours.  It is always smart to locate such  people and to work with them as a unified team as much as possible.

(C) Copyright 2021 – All Rights Reserved – SDK Hunter LLC

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