Whose Opinions Mean More To You?

When You Are Not Making The Progress That You Should, Who Can Motivate You To Get Moving  Again? Everybody needs some level of motivation from time to time.  Often, just the mere thought of accomplishing something that you have always wanted to do is enough.  But, oftentimes it can be so difficult to get started […]

How To Select A Consultant Who Is Well Suited For Your Needs

Consultants, Just Like Entrepreneurs Come In All Sizes, Shapes And Flavors When choosing a consultant, there are many factors to consider, however all of them should point to a simple reality.  That is, the consultant should focus his efforts and yours on solutions that will enable you to reach your goals without jeopardizing or negatively […]

“Momma, Get A Hammer – There’s A Fly On Poppa’s Head!”

“Momma, Get A Hammer – There’s A Fly On Poppa’s Head!” (Making Easy Problems Into Difficult Ones) Have you known people who have a natural tendency to turn simple problems into biggest ones? I have and it is sometimes funny, but not always. For example, consider this situation that happened a few years ago, but […]