Amy Lindgren: The basics of business startup

Earlier installments focused on three different audiences: Those starting a business early in their careers (primarily Gen-Xers and Millennials), those using a business to ramp down from a career (primarily Boomers) and those who want to transition a …

Four Major Ideas to Consider When Starting Your New Business

While everyone is interested in the freedom, travel and financial independence that starting a business brings. It’s similarly important to understand what’s involved in running a business successfully.

Five questions every female entrepreneur should ask

And with the cost of starting a business at an all-time low, women are saying “no thank you” to spending years climbing and clawing their way up the corporate ladder, dealing with corporate politics, and working long days without feeling the overall … #startingabusiness

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking Startup Capital

I’m a huge fan of bootstrapping, and it can be a viable option if you are extremely cautious when it comes to expenses, if you have a little seed money and if your business concept will generate cash flow early. If bootstrapping isn’t a good fit, then … #bootstrappingbusiness