Wash Wisdom: 5 management mistakes to avoid

… so you need to put a stop to them now” by contributor Yana Yelina on www.e27.co, failing to understand the fact that people are at the core of a company leads to business failure in terms of poor management, employee dissatisfaction and disengagement.

Amy Lindgren: The basics of business startup

Earlier installments focused on three different audiences: Those starting a business early in their careers (primarily Gen-Xers and Millennials), those using a business to ramp down from a career (primarily Boomers) and those who want to transition a …http://www.news-sentinel.com/20170526/amy-lindgren-the-basics-of-business-startup&profile=-1

Four Major Ideas to Consider When Starting Your New Business

While everyone is interested in the freedom, travel and financial independence that starting a business brings. It’s similarly important to understand what’s involved in running a business successfully.https://www.forbes.com/sites/brianrashid/2017/05/21/four-major-ideas-to-consider-when-starting-your-new-business/