Local Business/Marketing Advisory – How To Benefit From Customer Reviews?

Making Sure That Your Business is “Google Ready” Is The First Step! Obtaining Google customer reviews is a critical part of your overall marketing efforts!  Verifying your business via Google My Business is an easy way to ensure your clients and customers know where to find you. Having Google customer reviews will give you a […]

How To Claim Or Reclaim Your “Google My Business” Account

One Of Our Google Reports Is Indicating To Us That Your Business Location Is Registered As “Unclaimed” With Them We Are Eager To Attract More Customers To You, But Please Check If You Are Properly “Claimed” With Google To verify your official registration status with Google, go to Google Maps and search for your business […]

Local Business/Marketing Advisory – Attract More Clients, Use Limited Budget Promotions, Smartphones Stealing Profits

 This is a complimentary copy of “Local Business/Marketing Advisory” – A free SDK Hunter LLC publication focusing upon helping businesses to prosper during our ever-changing economic conditions. Please Accept Our Free Subscription & Bonus Below Take Advantage of Your Google My Business Account! Are you really taking full advantage of your Google My Business account? […]

City of Port St

Lucie 14th best in nation for starting a business PORT ST. LUCIE — The Lucie is among the top big cities in the nation to start a new business, and it also had one of the most profitable housing markets so far this year, according to recently published studies.

Wash Wisdom: 5 management mistakes to avoid

… so you need to put a stop to them now” by contributor Yana Yelina on www.e27.co, failing to understand the fact that people are at the core of a company leads to business failure in terms of poor management, employee dissatisfaction and disengagement.

Amy Lindgren: The basics of business startup

Earlier installments focused on three different audiences: Those starting a business early in their careers (primarily Gen-Xers and Millennials), those using a business to ramp down from a career (primarily Boomers) and those who want to transition a …http://www.news-sentinel.com/20170526/amy-lindgren-the-basics-of-business-startup&profile=-1

Four Major Ideas to Consider When Starting Your New Business

While everyone is interested in the freedom, travel and financial independence that starting a business brings. It’s similarly important to understand what’s involved in running a business successfully.https://www.forbes.com/sites/brianrashid/2017/05/21/four-major-ideas-to-consider-when-starting-your-new-business/