Wash Wisdom: 5 management mistakes to avoid

… so you need to put a stop to them now” by contributor Yana Yelina on www.e27.co, failing to understand the fact that people are at the core of a company leads to business failure in terms of poor management, employee dissatisfaction and disengagement.

Back from bankruptcy and how to avoid it

Even though only 4-6% of bankruptcies are fraudulent, public opinion often associates business failure with fraud. A high number of business facing liquidation can be saved.http://rock.ly/ftbhg

Why preparation is key ingredient in business success

There are several causes of business failure but when all are analysed, they come to one main thing – lack of preparation. The fear of failure which holds many people back is greatly reduced by good planning and having a mentor or someone to hold your … #businessfailure

How Best To Prepare For Negotiations – If You Intend To Win

Preparation Is Critical To Winning Your Negotiations Negotiation is among the most dreaded tasks carried out by entrepreneurs at almost all levels. However, similar to public speaking as well as performance reviews, appropriate preparation can provide you with a strong probability of success. Negotiating is an entrepreneur’s most crucial skill. Before one buys or sells …

Do You Want to Become a Bootstrapper?

10 Reasons Why You Should Bootstrap Your Small Business Bootstrapping basically means starting your small business without any money or, at the least, very little money. The idea is that you begin and manage your business by channeling all the cash that you generate from your  customers.  Not everybody can actually do this, but it …

Some Nice Advantages Of Being An Entrepreneur

There are many reasons why people become entrepreneurs. Many people know from an early age that they would like to only work for themselves.  While other people will work for  employers for some time before they then realize that they would rather operate their own personal business.

Whose Opinions Mean More To You?

Not Making the Progress You Should, Who Can Motivate You to Get Moving Again? Sometimes, everyone requires some inspiration. The concept of accomplishing something you’ve always wanted is often enough. However, getting started may be difficult for a locomotive to pull you out of your favorite chair. In these cases, you usually seek out a coach …