Wash Wisdom: 5 management mistakes to avoid

… so you need to put a stop to them now” by contributor Yana Yelina on www.e27.co, failing to understand the fact that people are at the core of a company leads to business failure in terms of poor management, employee dissatisfaction and disengagement.

Tree Children owner Sara Raider went bankrupt owing $600000

Dyer said Raider had been “naive” in her business dealings and her run in with McComish was a way of passing off the business’ failure onto him. Dyer said he also wrote to Raider’s father, a Conneticut-based doctor of geriatrics, to suggest he help pay …

Back from bankruptcy and how to avoid it

Even though only 4-6% of bankruptcies are fraudulent, public opinion often associates business failure with fraud. A high number of business facing liquidation can be saved.http://rock.ly/ftbhg

Kenny Rogers prepares to hang up his microphone

It’s funny the things you covet most when you are a child – for country music superstar Kenny Rogers it was water sprinklers. Growing up in poverty on a federal housing estate in Houston, Texas, on his walks to and from school he’d go past wealthy …

Jim Meyer to Present at the J.P

Morgan 45th Annual Technology, Media and Telecom Conference … existing or future government laws and regulations could harm our business; failure of our satellites would significantly damage our business; the interruption or failure of our information technology and communications systems; our failure to …http://rock.ly/u05ki