If You Are In A Rut, Then Be Afraid – Very Afraid!

Being In A Rut Of Any Kind Can Become  A Very Serious Situation Because Of The Following Important Facts! When I initially entered the world of business and entrepreneurship, I had voluntarily stepped out of a situation where I had tremendous control over nearly all aspects of my daily routines and activities. As an engineer, […]

What Stresses You More? Is It Your Business Or Your Lifestyle?

Would You Be Surprised To Learn That Having A Successful Business Can Also Bring A Huge Amount Of Additional Stress Into Your Life? When you feel that you have too much “on your plate”, you are likely to be correct. But, the next important question to tackle is why?

How To Select A Consultant Who Is Well Suited For Your Needs

Consultants, Just Like Entrepreneurs Come In All Sizes, Shapes And Flavors When choosing a consultant, there are many factors to consider, however all of them should point to a simple reality.  That is, the consultant should focus his efforts and yours on solutions that will enable you to reach your goals without jeopardizing or negatively […]

Why Can’t I Become Successful Just By Doing Exactly What You Did?

“I Followed Your Instructions, But They Didn’t Work For Me!” For a number of years, I heard that statement over and over again.  And strangely enough, most of the times I heard it, I was the person asking the question.  I have to admit that I was very slow to realize a few clearly obvious […]

Are You Still As “Teachable” As a Young Child?

To Succeed As An Entrepreneur, What Is The Single Most Important Personality Trait That You Should Possess? We all begin our lives knowing absolutely nothing.  As young children we found so much joy and excitement in discovering all that life had to offer.  But, as the years accumulate and our knowledge grows, very often we […]