“Why Fish Are Never Thirsty”

“Why Fish Are Never Thirsty” (Seven Rules for Making Money with Product Opportunities) I developed a strong interest in product marketing only after having spent ten plus years in engineering. Needless to say, I had to begin from the bottom. My approach to product marketing was to look for a “systematic” approach. As an engineer, […]

If You Yearn To Succeed, Start By Becoming Proprietary!

If You Yearn To Be Successful, Start By Becoming Proprietary! Chances are that you have been told that there are many ways to make money. Surf the Internet and you are certain to find tons and tons of people indicating that they have discovered the best way to make money. As far as making money […]

The Joy of Owning & Controlling Valuable Proprietary Products

The Joy of Owning & Controlling Valuable Proprietary Products It is perhaps fitting that the first case study shared in this blog should be a recap of how I was first introduced to the concept of locating, evaluating and then acquiring proprietary rights to products. Working as an Applied Research and Development engineer, I was […]