Some Nice Advantages Of Being An Entrepreneur

There are many reasons why people become entrepreneurs. Many people know from an early age that they would like to only work for themselves.  While other people will work for  employers for some time before they then realize that they would rather operate their own personal business.

Key Marketing Strategies For Entrepreneurs

Important Marketing Strategies For Entrepreneurs That Are Worth Considering It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to develop and maintain a good marketing campaign.  This is especially true for a campaign that resonates fully with your intended audience. If you are  a strategic thinker, you realize that the development of marketing strategies is […]

Using What You Have – To Get What You Want

Does it really take “MONEY” to make money? Most people believe that statement to be true.  Without any question, there are many instances when that statement is applicable, but not always.  So, let’s consider how you can make very meaningful progress, even when you don’t have as much money as you would like.

Moving From Introvert to Successful Marketer Without Cold Calling Or Small Talk

DOES THIS EVER HAPPEN TO YOU? You reach for the phone, dial the number and hang up after the first ring. Your script is ready, but actually reading it over the phone is enough to make you quit before you even begin. You are talented, you have a great product or service, but how can […]

Have You Ever Asked Yourself, “Do I Have An Entrepreneur’s Personality?”

What Exactly Is An Entrepreneur’s Personality?  What Would I Have To Do To Get One? As a young struggling entrepreneur, those were questions that certainly popped into my head many times early in my career. But, because of the open generosity  and sharing nature of my mentor, I was able to discover my own personal […]

“Why Fish Are Never Thirsty”

“Why Fish Are Never Thirsty” (Seven Rules for Making Money with Product Opportunities) I developed a strong interest in product marketing only after having spent ten plus years in engineering. Needless to say, I had to begin from the bottom. My approach to product marketing was to look for a “systematic” approach. As an engineer, […]


“WHAT IS GARBAGE TO SOME IS LUNCH TO OTHERS” (Using What You Have To Get What You Want) Have you ever stopped to think about the thousands of people just in your area of the world who are insatiably creative? These are people who have to make changes to everything around them. These people play […]

Are You Seeking A Joint Venture Partner?

DO YOU HAVE A PROJECT THAT IS A LITTLE TOO BIG FOR YOU? We have clients who are always seeking to engage with more projects. If you have something that might be of interest, please contact  us and we will share it with them.  Options that may be considered are outright sale of rights, joint […]